4 thoughts on “Flooding in Paris France

  1. Susan, even with floods, Paris is beautiful. I love Annecey, Chamonix, and other areas. I want to visit the areas you visit. I am a huge fan of your mysteries Awaiting the new Maggie mystery. I have a dear friend who has traveled throughout France. Linda Lewis is a writer as well and lives in Florida as I do, and you as well. My home is in Fort Lauderdale and I love visiting Switzerland, Greece, Germany,, Italy and Israel as well as France. Viva la France!!!!

    • SO glad to find another Francophile! Glad you’re enjoying the Maggie Newberry mysteries. I try to use them as an excuse to go over and “do research.” 🙂 Thanks for writing, Trudi!

  2. There is a problem though Susan, I cannot put your books down. I read every chance I get (and I have a very busy schedule). When I read at night I cannot stop and before I know, it is 3-4am, and I have to be up 6:30am. I even find myself re-reading your books to see if I missed something, and of course I did and then I continue on. So at least first 5 I have read twice through. I don’t suppose you could write a little slower. LOL No that wouldn’t work, that is when I go back to rereading. I also love the way you will put the French response and then at the end of the sentence include the English translation. I have a French male friend and he laughs at me saying “great, speaking French with an Italian accent.”

    • So glad you’re enjoying the books, Trudi! Haha, I wish I could write slower. I was an advertising copywriter (in another life) and just got used to doing everything fast. Now I couldn’t slow down if I wanted to. 🙂 Glad you’re along for the ride and thanks for commenting!

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