Stranded in Provence

Coming soon!

Ever wonder what you’d do if someone pushed the re-set button on the world?

The Stranded in Provence  mystery series is the story of an American woman on vacation in the south of France when the unthinkable happens. After a dirty bomb explodes over the Mediterranean she finds herself stranded in a French village where daily life is essentially sent reeling back to the 1950s.

So now forget solving crimes with DNA or accessing massive criminal databases. Likewise forget worrying about international terrorism, because that’s now gone too. But you can also forget spending hours on your smartphone, tablet, computer or even TV set.

On the other hand, the bistros are all still open, the produce and cheese markets still run every morning, bicycles dominate the wide avenues instead of cars, and for a budding amateur sleuth and now permanent ex-pat, any murders she stumbles across will have to be solved the old fashioned way—with brain power and shoe leather.

Oh, and it turns out that romance still works the same as before too.

Are you in?