Dead On, Book 9

The story continues! with DEAD ON, Book 9 in the Irish End Games…Released St Patrick’s Day 2017

“These days the nightmares don’t end with waking…they just get more real.”

It was hard for Sarah to believe that the horror of life in post-apocalyptic Ireland could always get worse.

But with Mike gone—mysteriously vanished from their camp—her only option is to go on the road to try to find him. The road that’s filled with bandits, opportunists, ex-army and one particular hunter who knows only too well what Sarah is looking for and is determined she won’t find it.

In Dead On Sarah pulls deep for every ounce of strength she has left to leave both her children behind while she searches for the man she loves.

The man she knows didn’t leave her voluntarily. Along the way she’ll finds answers to questions she never dreamed existed. Unthinkable questions that force her to make a dreaded, final decision once and for all.

For better or worse.

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