Accent on Murder

The 3rd book in the STRANDED IN PROVENCE mystery series shows that murder is murder no matter HOW you pronounce it…

Trying to learn a foreign language can be murder—especially when your French tutor is strangled to death hours after your last lesson and your best friend is arrested for the crime.

Normally that wouldn’t be a problem for stranded super sleuth and intrepid expat Jules Hooker except she just got her ONE chance to go back to the US and sticking around to help a pal means she’s back to being stranded in a foreign country with no lights, no language skills and no real future.

Will Jules give up her ONE chance to go home?

Will she continue to step on the toes of the handsome village police chief in order to help free her friend?

And finally, will Jules find out who the murderer is before the killer decides to permanently eliminate one very pesky very stubborn American sleuth?

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