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  1. Why can’t I find murder in arles? I have tried Amazon , Barnes &Noble, and even Google the title. No luck. I have read the entire series. Just finished murder in Cannes and have purchased murder in grenoble and murder in the vineyard. I prefer ebooks and I absolutely love Maggie and her edcapades.

    • Hi, Roni–Sorry for the confusion! Murder in Arles isn’t published yet–which is why you can’t find it! But it’ll be out this fall and another Maggie Mystery right behind it. So glad you’re enjoying the series! Thanks for getting in touch with me.

  2. I have been looking for it also! So glad to know it will be out soon with another one to follow! 🙂 I have all 12 books and just love all the characters!

      • HI, Jan…sorry for the delayed response. SO glad you enjoyed the IEG series. I’m hoping to have Book 12 out by the end of the year. (Wish me luck) Thanks for reading and thanks for writing me!

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