In the 5th Maggie Newberry Mystery Maggie has to find a killer before a dear friend ends up paying the ultimate price.

Unfortunately there are a few roadblocks in her way: like a best friend on the verge of divorce who’s chosen Maggie’s house to have her nervous breakdown in, an ex-paramour who has the power to make Maggie’s life miserable—and does—a husband up to something decidedly illegal, and a killer as warped and determined as any Maggie has encountered in her four years living in France.

Oh. And Maggie is nine months pregnant. Will she be able to prove her friend’s innocence? Will Laurent have a good explanation for his newly discovered dark deeds? And will Maggie find the murderer before her friend goes to prison and Maggie goes into labor on the side of a lonely patch of Provence where no one travels?


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Best One Yet of the Maggie Newberry Series

I just finished this book yesterday. Absolutely my favorite out of all the series. The characters in the book really come alive. Her children are believable. The solving of the mystery in this one had me guessing right up to the end.

Impossible to Put Down

The twists and turns of the action were absorbing; so was the partnership of Maggie and Laurent. It was gratifying to see such a solid man in a good marriage. Would enjoy more by this author

Love These Books!

Absolutely love this series, and Maggie is a real character. Love the dynamics with her husband too. A great read as always.

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