Murder in Cannes, Book 10

Voila! Book #10 of the Maggie Newberry Mysteries is finally here!

It’s time to go back to France, back to Provence, and back to the world of intrigue, murder and stohardbackstandingstraight_890x1110-6-copy-20pping to smell the lavender. Book Ten takes you to the ritziest part of the south of France in Cannes. And just so you know, what happens in Cannes not only does NOT stay in Cannes but it gets plastered all over the world media within minutes of it happening!    See how Maggie, Roger Bedard (oh, yeah, he’s a big part in this story…BIG part), Laurent and a few characters you know but might have forgotten are all here. Our girl will be well into her usual crise du jour until wiping the blood off her new Prada flats as she follows the clues will sort her out again. Will she discover the murderer of the obnoxious superstar art director at one of Atlanta’s newest ad agencies before the killer decides Maggie’s too close for comfort? And will Laurent finally accept that his new financial status allows him to enjoy the $18,000 Cornue stove Maggie insisted they buy? (Probably not, but it’ll be fun watching him try.) Murder in Cannes is available everywhere and also in paperback. Get it now at:    Amazon    Nook    iTunes    Kobo