Sold on All Things French

I think one of the things I like most about travel is seeing how different things are to the way I do things “back home.” That’s fascinating whether it’s the public toilets, fitting rooms in dress boutiques, how you pay your bill in a restaurant and only about a million other amusing, interesting and intriguing differences to how we all do the same thing.

My French language skills are so rusty you can hear them creaking from a block away but even so I know that Soldes doesn’t mean that the item shown in the display case window has already been sold (it means Sale) but that doesn’t stop me from doing a double-take every time I see the word! 

My first reaction is still: Why are they advertising that if it’s no longer available?

How about you? Any amusing anecdotes or impressions you have when you travel?

14 thoughts on “Sold on All Things French

    • I haven’t been asked that before and it’s a great question. Sorry this took me so long to get back to you but I might well go forward with thinking of some good discussion questions. Thanks, Carol!

  1. Sorry completely unrelated to this post. I just finished reading The Stranded in Provence series. I absolutely loved it! I couldn’t put these books down an was sad when I finished the last book, wishing there was another Jules adventure I could read.
    I would Love to know if Jules story will continue…

    • So glad you liked them, Tina! I do intend to write more “Jules” stories but first I’m writing a brand new series for “a woman of a certain age.” It’s An American in Paris Mysteries…you might want to give it a try? The first book releases Friday. Thanks for writing me.

  2. Hi Susan, I’m so excited to have just discovered you. I just ordered two ebooks and can’t wait to start reading. I’d love to learn more about your love of France.

    • Hi Jackie, thanks for writing me! My love of France comes from having lived there as a child in a very small village in Alsace-Lorraine. It was an indelible experience–so much so that I’m still using France as the setting for almost all my books 50 years later! 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying the books!

  3. I love the Maggie Newbury series, but your editor is terrible, in one book Gerard is Laurent older brother in the next it is the other way round. In one book Laurent is 6’4 in the next he is 6’5 same with maggie. I keep wondering if you have forgotten what you have written. Love Laurent as a character.

    • Thanks, Anne. That’s mostly my fault and there’s no excuse for it because I do have a series bible. I have a new content editor however so I’m hoping with my better attention to the bible and her involvement, there will be a lot less of that sort of thing in the future. Glad you’re enjoying Laurent. 🙂

  4. I just read Deja Dead and Death by Cliche, and I just want to say how much I appreciate the friendship between Claire and Jean-Marc. It’s a type of relationship called ‘Living Apart Together’ and I’ll simply say that you get it, Ms. Kiernan-Lewis. Thank you!!

  5. Hello Susan,
    I just recently discovered your books. I enjoy mysteries and love anything French – especially Provence and most especially Aix!
    I’ve read the book previews and tried to purchase the books at Barnes and Noble and
    was unable to so now I will order several and
    look forward to it! Thank you for writing!
    Merci! Harbeck

    • Glad you’re enjoying the books, Harbeck. Do you travel much to France? These days it’s not so easy, I know. I’m only finally getting back there this year! Thanks again for your kind words.

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