How dangerous could a little online dating be?
Victoria Baskerville had been hurt in love. Badly. Although she spent her days trolling a popular online dating site, these days she wasn’t looking for love but a special kind of vengeance. The real shock to friends and family when Victoria was brutally stabbed to death in her trendy Buckhead condo, was all the degenerate “love matches” that came creeping out into the light.
A prominent Atlanta defense attorney turns to the unorthodox methods of Burton & Kazmaroff Detective Agency to clear one of those love matches—a sexual deviant who, like all the others, was being blackmailed by Victoria. 

Jack and Mia—finally together in every sense of the word—work together to find Victoria’s real killer—whether scumbag or saint. But Mia has a personal agenda that she focuses all her paranormal abilities on—find the killer but do it without letting the scumbags who hurt Victoria off the hook.

Sounds like a plan. The only problem—can she do it before one Internet killing turns viral?