Free Falling


FREE FALLING  is Book 1 in the dystopian saga that takes you to a place we all hope never happens and forces you to ask the question: What would I do in the same situation?

A fun family vacation turns into an apocalyptic nightmare when a couple and their young son find themselves trapped in the Irish countryside during an international crisis. With all contact outside the country gone, all electricity and all non-horse-powered vehicles useless and desperate bands of outlaws roaming the Emerald Isle, the time has come for one soft American family to reach deep within for the reserve of brains and courage to survive.

A love story, a disaster story, a survival story.    The woman who is afraid of everything now has to make it in a world  where there is everything to be afraid of.–Goodreads reviewer

Free Falling was a semi-finalist in the Amazon Best Indie Books of 2012 and is a thrill ride of the first order. Read the first few chapters of FREE FALLING right here for free.

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Here’s what a few readers have to say about FREE FALLING:

FIVE STARS! I loved this book! It’s about time a novel was written about just SURVIVING in a realistic situation. First, the vacation isn’t quite what they expected. This small family is in a foreign place during multiple attacks on America and its allies. Nothing is familiar. How do you make bread again?? This book is not primarily focused on the attack itself, no zombies, or constant combat. Imagine being so remote that you’re unsure what even happened and then trying to learn how to live (and love) all over again. Our family faces new dangers on new levels. Let’s face it. Being an American city slicker on foreign soil isn’t always easy on the best days. But when a woman channels her inner John Wayne/momma grizzly, then look out rural Ireland! there’s a new force to be reckoned with.–Amazon Reviewer

RIVETING! We take our modern comfortable lives so much for granted, that I can’t imagine what it would be like–or how I would cope if I found myself in the frightening situation faced by Sarah, Matt and their ten-year-old son John.

One minute they arrive in Ireland from America looking forward to some peace and quiet away from technology. The next they find themselves caught up in a terrifying apocalyptic scenario. To make matters worse Sarah suffers badly from anxiety, and yet as the story unfolds she manages to rise above her fears and finds the strength not only to cope in a world flung back hundreds of years, she also finds the courage and strength to fight for her family and survive in this harsh and dangerous new world.

I really enjoyed Fear of Falling. The author Susan Kiernan-Lewis has written in such a way that the book is a real page-turner. I found it exciting, frightening and profoundly disturbing. Possibly, because sadly, I’m quite sure if such a thing should happen now, in actuality–the fragile civilization we all enjoy would very soon disappear, and the scenarios put forth in this book could become a reality.–Amazon Reviewer

FIVE STARS! This is an excellent apocalyptic page-turner where the petty and typically American fears of the (truly heroic) heroine — of falling off a horse and other little things connected with her family’s welfare and security in modern urban America — are quickly put into perspective when she, her husband and son face a horrific life-threatening situation, and a bunch of really evil baddies, in rural Ireland. The story is truly credible and well told; it races along with a lean and mean narrative where brutality and violence are set off with some nice feminine, maternal and wifely touches and American introspection. It’s a movie just waiting to be made.–R. Bolton/Amazon

 FIVE STARS! Oh, I enjoyed reading this book so very much, a page-turner, great characters and I want more, I want the 2nd book for this one. There are a few characters that I’d like to see how they made out in their lives.

The Woodson family is on vacation in the countryside of Ireland when a nuclear bomb detonates in the atmosphere over the Irish Sea. Nothing works, no electric, no cars, no nothing, so they try to survive in a small Irish cottage. But there’s trouble brewing, a mother’s worse nightmare and courage she never knew she had, changes their lives forever. The countryside is turning into kill or be killed, bad men killing people, animals, torture…….but can one mother/wife save her family? Oh, this is a must-read!!!!!!–Goodreads Reviewer