Forget the peaches and sweet tea. In some parts of Atlanta, the best buys are the children. 
When a terrified young Hispanic man is murdered, Jack Burton and his partner Mia Kazmaroff are determined to find and bring his killer to justice. What they find is a festering infection of human trafficking that stretches across Atlanta from Roswell to Riverside, revealing young José’s murder is just the tip of a very large, insidious network of evil.
With a gift that allows her to determine the truth behind anything she touches, Mia soon discovers the horror of Atlanta’s hidden sex trade–firsthand. Can she and Burton find José’s killer—and the younger sister he was abducted with—in time to save her from a life of degradation? 
And can they do it before Mia, herself, is taken?
“…a plot-driven thriller that offers constant twists…the pace is nonstop.” (Kirkus Reviews)

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