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  1. Dear Susan, well you got me hooked completely with the Irish End Games Series. I have to explain that this is not my normal type of reading. I’m a disability pensioner with many serious medical conditions and I battle with a lot of pain, and I use books as escapism from the reality of life. For that reason, the sort of thing that usually appeals to me is the books far removed from the real life, such as sci-fi and fantasy. I’m a huge Star Trek fan so I often read those books, but somehow I came across your giveaway of Free Falling and it broke all my usual standards! Those poor people! And yet I found myself loving it and wanting more! In no time at all I have bought and read all the books and have just completed Never Never and they are all equally captivating and inspiring. You just have to love Sarah and her sheer tenacity and gumption. The female Macgyver indeed! Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful, believable world of characters in these books. It does make you think how we’d all survive without all our modern conveniences that we so take for granted. It also gives everyone a window into the soul of mankind. Simply brilliant writing. Can’t wait for book 8 and thanks so much!

    • John Edmondson
      I hope this message finds you well in 2019. I just recently found Susan and her Irish apocalypse series, and have been able to purchase them after falling in love with the first book I also came across as a freebie!! I am disabled myself, but working on disability approval, but I use books as a form of escapism as well!! I feel exactly the same as you do about these books and the characters, except for one thing… I lived many years of my childhood off-grid as they call it now, lol! To me the way they live, when they aren’t being attacked, is second hand and actually much less stressful, rewarding and fun than being on the grid! Except for how they gardened when they lived in Ireland compared to Ishnert….the greenhouse is a more sure method and using aquaponics in a greenhouse even better still allowing for faster yields and more yields compared to in earth form of gardening which makes gardening more predictable, safe and healthier as well!!

      Anyway, just wanted to touch base and agree with you and hope you are well all things considered!
      And to let Susan know I enjoyed the books as well!!!

  2. I read all of Mia mysterys and it made me realize my passion for reading . Then I started the Irish games just finished the 7th . Can’t wait until #8 thank you susan for helping me remember my passion for falling into a good book .

  3. I’ve just discovered your Maggie Newbury Mysteries. I love them and was wondering if you do large print as I know my Mum would love them too, if she could get large print.

    • Hi, Maureen–I’m in the process of re-printing all the Maggie’s in larger print. But the super-sized print will happen at the end of the summer unless I can light a fire under my assistant to do it sooner! So glad you enjoyed the series!

  4. Hello, I have read all of your Maggie Newberry mysteries and was wondering when a new one is going to be out!! I love all the characters in the books and love the friendships and love of all of them, also love the references to places I have been in France!! Thank you DES.

    • Hi, Diane! So glad you’re enjoying the series. I’ve got two more books coming out nearly back-to-back. Book 8 is coming out this Friday (March 25) and Book 9 a month later. If you’ve joined the newsletter, you’ll get notification of everything. Stay with me! 🙂

  5. I really love all of the Maggie Newberry Mysteries. I have read all nine books and can’t wait for number ten. Susan Keirnan-Lewis is a wonderful writer with an intriguing sense of mystery. She keeps you guessing from beginning to the end of her books. I highly recommend everyone who loves Murder and Mysteries read this Series.

  6. I join all of you who have a love for the Maggie Newberry mysteries. Susan Keirnan-Lewis is a marvelous writer who creates characters who feel like friends. Each story weaves the characters and their interactions with the village and the mystery. The relationship of Maggie and Laurent is warm and real. I just finished reading the 9th novel and anxiously await No. 10!! Please hurry! Thank you, Susan!!

    • Bless you, thank you Joan! So glad you’re enjoying them because I love writing them. Book 10 is scheduled for the end of summer or mid fall at the latest. Thanks for writing!

  7. I loved reading the Irish End Games and find myself preparimg for the “big one”. I wait anxiously for the next book and can not imagine what might upset the closing scene in your last book.

    • Ha ha! That’s just what I was hoping you’d say, Catherine! I can guarantee you won’t see it coming and it’ll be worth the wait. 🙂 Thanks for reading and for chiming in here!

  8. Is there any more Ella in the future? Or Mia? I love Maggie & Laurent and Sarah and Mike. But I just can’t get enough of your work! The cliffhanger in Irsh End Games was brutal so many creative scenarios are swirling through my head on where you’ll end up leading this off with its unreal. The latest Maggie novel I loved how the chef was portrayed – spot on haha! Grace is getting on my nerves 😉 thank you for all your work !! Love it all!!

    • Hi, Jess–Thanks so much for writing me. I’m working on the next Mia right now, followed by another Maggie this fall and Book 9 in the IEG releasing first of the year. I personally love the Ella stories but until the word gets out on them I have to hold back writing any more. So glad you’re enjoying the other series too. 🙂 Keep in touch!

  9. Hi Susan, I have read your Irish End Tales for the past week non stop, only to find the next one won’t be out until February next year! Sigh! How do I sign up for your newsletter?
    Lis in Australia

  10. I seriously just binge read all eight of the Irish End Game series. Couldn’t get finished fast enough. Will attempt to wait patiently for number 9. Are you planning to continue the series after numerous 9? Any date for the number 9 release.

    • Hi, Carol! Glad you enjoyed the Irish End Games. I have at least 2 more in the series plotted out, with number 9 scheduled to release right after the new year. Hope you stay on for the ride and thanks for writing!

  11. Thank you , Susan.
    Read all the IEG series and anxiously awaiting the next installment. AWESOME!!!!!
    Checking out the Maggie series next.

    • Let me know what you think of Maggie, Patti. She’s a v different heroine than Sarah but several readers have pointed out similarities between Mike and Laurent. Haha. I guess when it comes to men I definitely have a “type!”

    • I’ll probably put it up for pre-order after Thanksgiving or a little after that. I’m itching to write it, myself! I’m so tickled about a couple of twists that I’m planning…:-) Thanks for writing, Beth!

  12. I like your Mia books, but I love your Maggie books. I am also a quilter and today I learned that this years mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter is named En Provence and uses the colors of Provence. So excited to start collecting fabrics for this quilt and will think of you and Maggie while making it.

  13. I want to let you know how much I have enjoyed the Maggie series. I have all but three of the Maggie books & have enjoyed reading them. This has been a tough summer & fall for me. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April & have had surgery & am currently undergoing weekly chemo sessions. Reading is something that I can do to keep myself occupied.

    I also have enjoyed reading Swept Away & Carried Away. Ella & Rowan have such great adventures. Can’t wait to read Stolen Away. Thanks for writing such great books.

  14. Susan love all your Maggie books and am now waiting for Murder in Cannes. We have been holidaying in the south of France for 40years and we still find new places to visit and in the past few years Arles and the Camargue are really special Cannot wait to read number 10 thanks for the reading

    • Oh, how I envy you your forty-year history of enjoying and loving the south of France! Let me know how close I come to eating and shopping in Cannes with the next one, okay? Thanks for writing me, Movita!

  15. I just “found” your books!! Love the Maggie Newberry series and will certainly buy the Mia mysteries and am anxious to start the End Games series!!!

  16. Hello Susan,
    I love your “Murder In ••••” books!!

    I read on a Nook and looking forward to Murder in Cannes.
    In your email you say it’s available for PreOrder but I have yet to find it? Usually I purchase or PreOrder books from my Nook and as yet have not seen this book?
    Any ideas!
    I’m so anxious to read this book!

    • Hi, Judy–Murder in Cannes won’t be available for pre-order on Nook but it’ll publish there in about 3 weeks time. Sorry about that! Glad you’re on board with the series though! 🙂

  17. I found book 1 of Irish End series on book Bub. I just finished the 7th and so sad I don’t have anymore to read. One of the best series ever. Loved it. Cannot wait for book 8!!!! I’ve been telling everyone I know about these books.

    • Hi Kelly–So glad you’re enjoying the series. Book 8 is out (Wit’s End) and Book 9 is coming on St-Patty’s Day! Plus Book 10 will release 6 weeks later. Be sure and sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already b/c I’m having a contest for Book 9–Dead On. Four winners will get the book 3 weeks early. 🙂 Thanks for writing me!

  18. I am now reading book 9 of the Maggie Newbury mysteries and have already bought book 10 – please, please don’t ever stop writing them. They are a lovely read and have given me an interest and yearning to visit France. I also have to admit to being more than a little in love with Laurent – ha ha !

    • I’m in love with him, too, Rosie! Haha…I hope you do get to France. It’s really an amazing country. Thanks for writing and I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series. Cheers!

  19. Just finished Murder in Cannes. Wow! Thank you again Susan! Amazing as always! Your Maggie series will always be my favorites, but I enjoy the others too.

  20. Oh Susan, how thrilling and annoying all in one.!I’ve been on the mend and needed to escape the horrid things that go along with it. Read all 9 of the Irish End Games Series within the week. Read 1-3 on iBooks free section and was addicted so I bought the rest. Looking forward to the next, and I hope the last book. The adventures of Sarah,with her strength and struggles for the love of her family and friends, gives me hope. I am thankful for what I have, and what I don’t. Thankyou for your enlightenment! Keep on writing on!

    • Hi, Kim–Glad I could take your mind off things for awhile! Thanks for chiming in and for reading! Best regards and I hope you feel better soon!

  21. Dear Susan,

    I started reading Maggie Newberry Series. I love when books are in series because you are always reading and you are in a different place everytime with Maggie and Laurent. I am up to reading Murder in Aix. Don’t worry you have many series out so you can relax. I have plenty of ebooks series in my kindle.☺
    My series authors are you,
    Debra Burroughs and Stacey Alabaster.
    I am going back to read my book for a little while and then go to sleep.

    • I’ll probably publish them to Nook later this fall…but if you can’t wait, you can always download the Kindle app. It’s free and simple to do. 🙂

      • Just saw this which answers my ??
        No thank you to the Kindle App. I love my nook😊

        I will wait for these books when you release them in the Fall.
        I still don’t understand why you can’t release to Nook??? Can you explain?

      • Yes, be happy to explain. There’s a certain methodology involved in publishing as far as boosting discoverability. Amazon–where I and most indie authors sell the most books–encourage their authors to be exclusively with them for 90 days and in exchange they will send out promotional emails to their customers suggesting they might be interested in one of my books. This is a significant boost to getting more “eyes” on my books. It’s hard being exclusive for the 90 days but it pays off with more people discovering my books. And the more people who discover them, the longer I’m able to continue writing them! Simple math! 🙂 So wait until September if you must but for marketing reasons, they’ll not show up there until then! Thanks for writing, Judy!

  22. Susan, I am a film/television producer in Los Angeles with 40 years of experience ranging from Cagney & Lacey to Saving Grace with Holly Hunter. I would like to discuss the film rights to the Mia Kazmaroff Mysteries. Do you have an agent?

  23. Hi Susan!
    Read & loved all of your Maggie Newberry books.
    Will there be more?

    I was excited to see your newest books, Stranded In Provence. However, if I want to read them I have to have a Kindle? What happened? Why Amazon only??

    Very disappointed fan😟

    • Hello Judy,
      You can get a free reader from Amazon called Kindle for PC and read all Kindle books on it or you can get a program called Calibri (google fore it) also free and it will convert just about any digital book into anything you want – e.g. PDF which can be read anywhere.

  24. I saw one of your books at BookBob and searching (find a lot of authors), find out that I had a book of Mia Karamazov.

    I love Irish, so, a new series…

  25. I’m love a real hardcore mystery, suspense, thrillers…had your books and like them.

    “Cozy” isn’t my favorite. I saw those “cute” covers and start running …

    But, give me books of: Ron Ripley (“Berkley Steet Series”), Sue Coletta (Mayhem, Cleaved, etc), Mixi Applebottom (“Jaspierre” Series), etc., and I’ll die happy.

  26. Ok, so I read all of the Irish Games, & now I’m left spell bound as to what’s going to happen in book 10…White Out. I was so hoping to be able to read book 10 & 11 right away. You have left me hanging in suspense, & having to wait. Please let me know when these 2 books are ready.

    • I’m writing as fast as I can, Sandy! 🙂 White Out will release in December and Black Out quickly after. Glad you’re enjoying the series. Thanks for writing!

  27. Hello, Susan. Have been avidly reading the Irish End Games series and looking forward to Book 10 “White Out” as I pre-ordered it. Has it been released yet? I see reference to it on your website but not on Amazon.

    • Hi, Anna, that’s because it’s not available as a pre-order on Amazon yet. It will be in a few weeks from now and will release in December. Glad you’re enjoying the series!

    • As soon as I finish it, Milly! Haha…It’ll be available for pre-order in a few weeks and will release in December. Glad you’re enjoying the series. Tell your friends! 🙂 Thanks for writing me.

  28. Dear Mrs Kiernan-Lewis,
    When will your books be translated in French?
    Awaiting your prompt reply.
    Best Regards,
    Kursteen Malval

    • Hi, Kursteen, thanks for writing. I’m not sure it’ll happen any time soon. Translations are very expensive. It’s on my to-do list in any case!

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