For readers of my Maggie Newberry,  An American in Paris Mysteries and Stranded in Provence series all three of which take place in France and involve copious amounts of preparing and eating delicious, mind-blowing meals in the south of France (and Paris) I hope you’ll join me in the pages below. This is truly where my inspiration gets fed.

The fictional villages of St-Buvard and Chabanel

My love affair with Aix

Writing Murder in Nice

We’ll Always Have Paris

The Beginning of my French Love Affair


I have a community of Maggie-lovers on Facebook that I hope you’ll join. This is whereScreen Shot 2015-09-05 at 4.09.05 PM I put new excerpts of the latest Maggie book I’m writing, where I’ll do giveaways and contests and interact closely with readers of the series.

I’d love input, suggestions, ideas and awesome photos of France from your trips– especially Provence so I hope you’ll meet up with me there. I go there all the time. 🙂 Just click on the screen grab and join the conversation!



4 thoughts on “France

  1. Hi Susan. Love your End Game books. But Cold Comfort doesn’t appear in the Ibooks-Itunes store (at least not yet). That is where I go exclusively for books that I read on my Imac, Ipad, & Iphone. Help!
    Terry in Orlando

    • Hi, Terry…no worries, iBook is just a tad slower than the rest in releasing. Should show up today or tomorrow at the latest. Glad you like the series!

  2. Irish End Games are a great read. Read all 7 books in the series and am looking forward to books 8 and 9. When can we expect to see those released?

    • I tend to work on one series at a time so when I go back to the Irish End Games, I’ll probably do at least three more. Wits End is scheduled for next fall with Dead On right behind it. Glad you enjoyed the series! Hope you stay with me!

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