Mia and Jack may be coming to the small screen!

The Mia Kazmaroff Mysteries was optioned to be turned into a TV series! Stay tuned for more developments as they happen!           

And in lesser news (but still exciting)…

Here I am fan-girling with Tess Gerritsen at the Jacksonville Library event in February.

Here I am fan-girling with Tess Gerritsen at a Jacksonville, Florida Library event in February.





















10 thoughts on “NEWS

  1. I love the Maggie Newberry series and read them so fast. Anxiously awaiting the next book!! So then I read the Jules Hooker s series and I learned to love the characters in this series too so anxiously awaiting the next book in this series too. How long do I have to wait. Also loved that from the beginning I did not know who the murder was!! That’s keeps me reading along with what’s next for both Maggie and Jules.

    • Hi, Doris! So glad you’re enjoying the series. I work hard to “fool” my readers vis-a-vis who the killer is! 🙂 The next Maggie book will be out in July. So not too terribly long to wait. Thanks very much for your kind words and thanks for writing to me.

  2. I see on the picture of all the Maggie Newberry books that it shows at number 18 “Murder in Mont St-Michel” instead of “Murder in the Lavender”. I assume its a mistake but would that mean it would be #19 title? If so i look forward to that one for sure. I’ve been to France and Provence (and hope to go back after this covid madness) and I can relate to a lot of things in the book. Awesome series!

    • Hi, Chantale, thanks for visiting here! Yes, I need to replace the photo since at the time I thought I’d be writing Mont St-Michel before “Lavender.” I pushed it back in order that I could revisit the actual Mont St-Michel before I wrote it. As it turned out, with the pandemic, I’m not sure that’ll be possible but that was the reason. Glad you’re enjoying the series!

  3. I totally love Maggie and Laurent. I hope there are more books to come in this series. I would be sad to see it end. Please keep it going!! I have based out of Aix many times or near there in a condo. I love the area and feel that also has a positive impact on the books. Very special!!

    • Hi Jane, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. It’s my way of keeping Provence close to my heart and I’m glad it resonates with you. I’ll never stop writing Maggie and Laurent’s stories and am so glad you’re along for the ride. Merci!

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