Murder in Paris

BOOK 4 in the award-winning Maggie Newberry Mystery Series, Murder in Paris brings Maggie to the brink in every way there is to go.

Paris Rev1

The City of Light is anything but

when a killer stalks the cobblestone streets…

For a woman who loves fashion, there is no place on earth more exciting than Paris where the clothes are to die for and everyone you meet is dressed to kill.

Maggie’s visit to the City of Light in the midst of Paris Fashion Week turns into a nightmare when she witnesses a murder within her own family. Determined to find out who the killer is—before her husband’s patience and her marriage expires—Maggie steps into the glittering world of fashion as cutthroat and vicious as any drug cartel. It could be Maggie’s grandest hour–if she can survive it.

The fourth  installment in the Maggie Newberry Mysteries takes Maggie back to Paris for a very personal sojourn. This time it’s all on the line for our intrepid ex-pat—with a murder that happens close to home—and for a reason that not even the deceased’s nearest and dearest would ever suspect.












With every book you get a little more insight into the lives of the main characters and add in a mix of new-sub characters, and you get suspense galore.


I ordered the first in this Magie Newberry series, thinking that I was probably only going to get through the first or maybe the second one, get bored and move on like usual. Wow! Was I wrong! I am seriously hooked on this series. So far, I have read the first five and am currently on book 6, I just wanted to get a review in here somewhere because I’m too busy reading to sit down and tell the world how ecstatic I am that there is a murder mystery series that is riveting my attention as well as a good Agatha Christie novel. Yes, I am comparing Susan Kiernan-Lewis to Agatha Christie in eye-riveting appeal and addictiveness. Make sure you have time to read when you start the series, because nothing else will get done until you finish.

The action is great. What I like about the action is that it is simple enough for you to read it without having to read it fifteen times just to figure out what happened. The organization and simple, yet effective speech is enough to make reading flow easily from one section to the next. I just wish I had this in hard-copy. I would save the books on my shelves for a continual rereading session here and there.

Yes, I highly recommend this series–the ENTIRE series! You can read them one at a time as standalone books, but you’ll be missing something special if you don’t just plan on starting with book one and maneuvering your way through to the last book on the list. I certainly hope the last book on the list is not the last book in the series. Just a little hint there…

2 thoughts on “Murder in Paris

  1. Hi Susan

    This is the first time I have read any of your books (Murder in Pairs) which I really enjoyed. I must add that my wife and I have just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary whereby we fulfilled a life long dream and travelled to Paris and Provence for 11 days. What I enjoyed most about your book was the fact that it took me straight back to the streets of Paris, the smells of the boulangerie, the bright sunshine of Arles, gargoyles of Notra Dame and many more priceless memories.
    I must add that Rosselyn was my favourite town


    Rowan (South Africa)

    • I’m so glad the book had that effect on you, Rowan! (BTW, my hero in another set of books I wrote has your name!) My husband and I are actually in Paris at the moment celebrating our 25th anniversary so your note hit a special chord with me. Hemingway was right about Paris being a moveable feast–once you’ve experienced it, you can always tap back into it–the smells, the memories, the tastes–and relive it all over again. Glad “Murder in Paris” helped you do that! Thanks for writing…Cheers, Susan

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