Voila my work page for my new series STRANDED IN PROVENCE.

Chabanel is the composite village where my protagonist Jules Hooker is forced to ride out the apocalypse while solving village mysteries. Chabanel is largely based on the thoroughly charming village of St-Cannat which is situated within the commune of Aix-en-Provence. I took these photos in St-Cannat last March (after a tour and wonderful lunch with our new friends Jo and Simon at their villa outside the village) and will use the photos to jog my memory when I’m writing the village scenes.

The heart of every village, the café

The plane trees lining the village square

Town hall with the emergency raid horns on top that sound off one Tuesday a month to make sure they work.

Village square and glimpse of le maire

Jules’ apartment

The church in St-Cannat

Jo and Simon’s gorgeous villa in St-Cannat

The village municipal police station–where Luc DeBray is Captain.