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I am an author, advertising copywriter, playwright, video editor, mother, wife and intellectual equestrienne (that means I love them more in spirit than I actually ride them these days) As a writer, I take my passions–horses, France, cooking, travel, and writing–and put them in my books.

Because of my background as a military dependent, I have  a restless nature and tend to move about frequently. (I’ve lived in over 40 addresses so far.) No doubt because of that, every one of my books involves a protagonist (usually an everyday, average woman who soon learns what strength and courage she’s capable of under the right circumstances) who is dropped into a foreign environment. In keeping with my fascination with the  theme of a stranger attempting to function in a strange land  I’ve happily moved into the area of time travel, which is, after all, the ultimate in foreign environments.

I suppose I’m intrigued by those parts of our personalities that we need in order to assimilate into a new place or situation. Having done it so many times throughout my childhood–new base, new billet, new schools– I find I long for the charge of excitement that a new situation offers. (I’ve read that adult ex-military dependents can go one of two ways–either they’re determined after all the moving around to stay in one spot  or, like me, they can’t stay still.) In any case, I find using my fiction to fulfill my desire to be someplace exotic (i.e different) helps keep me from hammering FOR SALE signs in the front yard every six months. And for that, my husband–who doesn’t have the same level of wanderlust that I do–is immensely grateful.

I hope you like the books and that you drop me a line from time to time.


If you’re curious about how I got started, who I am and how and why I write these series–most of which are set in France–check out the interview that Jenny Wheeler of The Joys of Binge Reading did with me in February 2022. If you’re looking for your next great read, I can think of nowhere better to start than this fascinating podcast–produced in New Zealand but definitely international in scope.








33 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Susan!

    I’m 18 years old and an aspiring writer, and you are among my favorites!

    I’ve been reading your Irish End Game Series and I love love LOVE them! I finished Never Never as soon as it became available in one sitting. I’ve always been fascinated with dystopian fiction and EMP’s (have you ever read One Second After by William Forstchen?) So sad when some of my favorite characters die :`(. I’ve been stabbed in the heart multiple times by you! I love reading your books because all of your characters are so diverse and different and lovable, and your plot just keeps twisting, I never see anything coming, and I love that!

    I myself am currently writing a fantasy adventure series and one of my characters is Irish. I know a lot of your characters are Irish, and I was wondering if you have any tips for writing the dialogue of her character? Do you have any websites that you would recommend? Any tips for creating your characters in general?

    Thank you for your time! Keep writing please! I’m always waiting for the next book from you!
    Warm Regards,

    • Hi, Shaira, thanks for writing! So glad you’re enjoying the Irish End Games. I have a couple of different methods for getting the “Irish” stuck in my head before I write. I’m a big fan of Nuala O’Faolain and I love her voice. I keep a couple of her NPR interviews in my itunes library and listen to her gentle brogue a few days before I settle down to write. (She sounds v much like my Irish grandmother but she’s been gone a very long time.) Another thing I do is watch one of my very favorite movies, “The Matchmaker,” with Janine Garafola. Trust me, after that YOU’LL be speaking with an Irish accent! Lastly, I keep a list of Irish slang that I’ve put together over the years and gleaned from the Internet. Sometimes I find just the thing, so I do. 🙂 Good luck with your writing, Shaira. There is nothing more gratifying than creating worlds and people to live in them that you like and love. Although receiving wonderful notes from readers like yourself is right up there! Cheers…

  2. Hi Susan, since I had no one visiting for the holidays this year my husband and I decided to do whatever we wanted. Got your first book from Bookbub and immediately purchased the six book set and have read them all in a week. Love the fact that we’re in modern times but not really. Brava, Your characters are rich in detail and their adventures in such a small area keep me turning pages in the middle of the nightm Must get on your blog now for sage advice as I to write my first book soon. You are so talented and thank you for the courage of sharing.

    • Gosh, Netherland, I’m so glad you enjoyed the series! I love writing it and imagining what I might do under terrible circumstances. I don’t normally talk about the writing experience on my blog but you’re welcome to email me and I’ll tell you what I know! Have a great new year and thanks for writing me!

  3. I just started ready the first end games and am enjoying the story. I read 3-6 books a week and thiis book is going to be a favorite. I look forward to reading more of your books.

  4. Susan, I am such a fan. Reading END GAME series now. Makes me want to take a survivor course to be prepared for this crazy world we live in. It certainly makes you appreciate our spoiled life style. I’ve also had the pleasure of reading your other series i.e. Maggie and also Ella and Rowan. Looking forward to enjoying more of your incredible stories featuring characters that we wish we could step into the pages and be a part of their journey. Love ya, Grandma Pat

    • Hi, Pat. Thanks for writing me; I can’t tell you the boost it gives me to hear that my stories are resonating with someone “out there!” Stick with me…we’ve still got a long way to go! 🙂

  5. Hi Susan
    I am a fan of yours & have read most of your books but I am interested in your name Kiernan. My maiden name is Marian Kiernan & my Father came from Kells Co Meath in Ireland & just wondering if your family came from the same area,I go to Ireland quite often & are very interested in the family tree.

    Kind regards

    • Hi, Marian. My grandmother (Mears) is from County Sligo and my grandfather (Kiernan) is from the west coast. They came over on the Luisitania in 1915 (and met on it!) Glad you enjoy the books!

  6. My parents moved us around a lot when I was a kid and by the time I finished grade 13 I’d gone to 19 different schools – five of them highschools and four of those in the first year! I’m one of those people that hates to move. Since I left home 32 years ago, I’ve lived in only seven places. I started with a small apartment and gradually moved up. I’ve lived at my current address now for 13 years and don’t really want to ever move again. I love to wander and see new places, but I’m happy that home is in one place. I’d even nail the furniture down if I could.

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  8. Just found you– will never leave you! Your writing captivates and takes us all to new and exciting places. Reading Maggie series now. Already deciding who they should cast when they make it into a tv Series. Have you been approached to write a series? I binge read and binge watch series. Read and watched outlander they did a great job on casting. Be sure you pick your cast your readers “know” what the characters look like from your eyes. Thanks for bringing us all such joy.

    • Hi, Debbie! Thanks for finding me and for writing! Yes, I think it’s inevitable to “cast” the characters if Maggie and crew every got to be made as a movie or TV series. Sometimes on the Maggie Facebook page other readers and i toss around possible candidates for various roles! You can join us there. 🙂

  9. As a State Dept brat and Army wife… that wanderlust is very familiar. I’ve been enjoying Maggie… can’t wait for her next adventure. I will have to advise that the last few pounds I have accumulated around my waist may be in part due to severe hunger caused by the food descriptions.

    • Haha…I know exactly what you mean! We can blame it on the military life but the restless wanderlust is real and it’s life long! Glad you’re enjoying Maggie. Come to think of it, I do tend to eat my way through the writing of them! Thanks for writing, Karen!

    • Anxiously awaiting THE IRISH END GAMES – 10. When?????? Hurry before I forget #9 🙂 The only series of yours I’ve read – by far and away my favorite of the genre; and I have read many many.

  10. In murder in the Latin quarter book I need to know how did Camille have a daughter? Wasn’t she gay? I went through the book back and forth but this is bugging me. Thanks for responding!

    • Hi, Jahnavi, Thanks for writing. SPOILER to anyone who hasn’t read LQ: Camille was gay. It was not unusual, especially in those days, for a woman to lie with a man in order to attempt to deny the truth about her sexual orientation or just to experiment. I’m told it’s not at all unusual, especially for women and especially during this time period for this sort of sexual exploration. And of course to get pregnant, all it would take was once! Hope this helps with the confusion. Cheers.

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  12. Susan girl, I’ve spent way too much time this morning looking to buy a series of Maggie books in a collection- like 5 paperbacks in one collection. Do you know anywhere I could obtain them in a series to buy ? Thank you so much dear girl. I believe in you and want all the best this world can offer you, Judy

    • Hi Judy, Thanks for your kind words on the Maggie series. There isn’t a physical box set for Maggie at this point, only ebook, or you could buy the paperbacks one at a time. Thanks for reaching out to me. Good luck to you, too!

  13. Hello,
    I have just finished reading Déjà Dead
    and will be getting Death by Cliche .
    I just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed reading it, however,as an
    English person, living in France, I just wanted to say that when you call the Police in France, you dial 17, not 999
    the way Claire did several times in the book……999 is for the U K police 😉

  14. I very much enjoyed the Stranded in Province series but have been waiting for several years for the next book. Things were left up in the air which is of course not satisfying. I’m hoping you will be writing a final book tying up the loose ends.

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