Croak, Monsieur!

For some people not even the apocalypse can ruin a nice day on the water

 A spring boat ride with no motor, no GPS and no radio.

What could possibly go wrong?

 When Jules goes to Marseille to run an errand for the twins, she meets an exotic new friend who offers her a daytrip on a French yacht to wash away the gloom of the post-apocalyptic winter Jules has just endured.

 The trip promises everything Jules has been craving for the last six months…sunshine, rosé wine, exciting company, bracing sea air…and murder.

 What starts out as a pleasure cruise quickly turns into the sail of the damned as, trapped on a boat with a killer, Jules scrambles to find out who NOT to turn her back on—and fast.

Pick up Book 5 in this fast-paced witty cozy mystery series set in Provence during the apocalypse and see how a little candlelight, farm-to-table dining and mystery can really spice up a girl’s life.

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