Murder in Provence

Murder in MIP Revised_2

The third installment in the Maggie Newberry mysteries, Murder in Provence takes the reader further into the sleepy little French town of St-Buvard, where Maggie and Laurent discover not one but four murders to spice up their tenure in Provence. The wine, the food, the scenery and that sexy Frenchman, Laurent, make the journey a very palatable one indeed!

A year spent living in the south of France is not all it’s cracked up to be—especially when you have no job, a prickly first year of marriage, and your new BFF is murdered virtually before your eyes. Atlanta copywriter and new ex-patriate Maggie Newberry is determined to help the investigations into Brigitte’s murder even if the incredibly sexy and very available French police detective on the case can only complicate her life in every possible way. Murder in Provence is set in the ancient city of Arles and, like the two books in the series that came before, showcases the sights and mouthwatering cuisine of Provence—with a healthy dash of murder.





Ahhhh, the calming smell of lavender!

Somehow I started this series in order, but that didn’t last long- so I can assure you that while I read the book that introduced Maggie and Laurent, I seem to have skipped a book in between. It did not make one iota of difference in my enjoyment of Murder in Provence. I will be reading #2 in the near future, Murder in the South of France (or Nice). Having picked up and packed up and moved to France with her ‘reformed’ con artist now husband, Maggie is now living what promises to be a wonderful life now amongst ex-pats and native French friends inhaling the vines and the fragrance of lavender.

However, while Laurent is tending to the fields and seemingly staying out of trouble(Maggie says no guns or dogs in the house..oh really) Maggie is a magnet for bodies being found in unusual places and dealing with a bit of homesickness. When the next body is found to be the it may still be too soon to say ‘serial killer’. Ah, this is a good one. But who is committing these murders so close to a group of women so close to Maggie’s soon to be departing for the States demi BFF’s social circle?

I found this book a good semi whodunit amongst some glorious background. Now I must get back and read #2. A Bientot!

Murder, Betrayal and Wine

New series for me. This was bk 3 but can be read by itself. I really enjoyed this book. There are so many mysteries going on. I was sure I had it figured out but was wrong. The writing was excellent, the plot was terrific, and the characters, what a good job on them. If you are looking for a good writer and story, this one will do it.

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