Clueless, Book 5

Book 5 in the Mia Kazmaroff Mysteries, Clueless, is here!

If you sometimes long for a good old-fashioned mystery where the detective work isn’t able to lean on DNA or forensics or electronics, then this is the book for you. Susan Kiernan-Lewis.Clueless3.Update

Clueless is a loose retelling of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None” as it brings Jack and Mia to a cozy North Georgia mountain lodge with eight other people. When a freak ice storm traps them all in the lodge without electricity, cell phones or a way to escape they are helpless against the maniac among them who has a decades old grudge.

Can Jack and Mia put the clues together in time to discover who among them is the killer? And then, as the bodies start to fall, the real question becomes: can they do it before THEY are added to the body count?  Available everywhere in ebook or paperback.    Click here to buy on Amazon    Click here to buy on iBooks    Click here to buy on Kobo  and Click here to buy on Nook