Murder in the Abbey

Abbey Rev1

Murder in the Abbey does something I haven’t done since I started this series–it takes Maggie and Laurent out of France for the duration of a very personal and very troubling mystery. If I tell you who the victim is (it’s definitely someone you know) I’m afraid I’ll spoil the surprise but suffice to say you’ll want justice for this terrible crime!

Maggie and Laurent have to solve this mystery–and yes, Laurent is an equal partner with Maggie on this investigation–not on their own turf but in an environment neither of them is familiar with–the English countryside. The murder happens inside  “The Abbey” — a high-end resort that allows its guests to taste the pleasures of rank and prestige from a bygone era.

This mystery takes place over a single week–about as long as Maggie can stand to be away from the kiddies–and what it reveals about the victim, the murderer and even Maggie and Laurent themselves will surprise if not shock you.

That’s the plan! I personally love the Cotswolds–I spent three weeks there on my honeymoon a few centuries ago–so I was delighted to “return” to plot this deviously twisty story there among the heather and the drystone walls.


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5 Stars! Exciting read, continual adventure

Fast-moving, ever-changing set of characters and conversations in hidden places. Many twists and turns in this Abbeys country estate.

5 Stars! Fascinating and intriguing!

The characters in this book were well defined and intimately intertwined to the very end. It left you guessing who the killer was and to the end it was very surprising.

Couldn’t put it down–as usual!

Maggie and Laurent rush to England to the funeral of his best friend. While there they find that Friend Roger has been murdered. Staying at one of England’s great homes turned inn, they begin to unravel the hidden clues to the murder. Read on to find out who the murderer is (total surprise!) and join a Fox Hunt! Good fun, easy read. Can’t wait for Book 9.