The Maggie Newberry Mysteries— A 30-something American expat solves mysteries in a village in Provence. Married to her sexy six-foot four Frenchman, this mystery series is clean and brings the reader deep into village life in France as seen from an outsider–with a healthy dose of murder tossed in.

The Claire Baskerville Mystery Series–A 60-something American expat finds herself living in Paris, widowed and needing to make a living. A private eye by background, Claire Baskerville brings Paris alive as she tracks down her skips and missing persons–and the odd dead body too. This is a clean read with no graphic violence or sex.

The Savannah Time Travel Mysteries–Step into the thrilling world of beautiful, historic Savannah in the roaring twenties with accidental time traveler Georgia Belle. A dispatcher for the Savannah police department in 2023, Georgia is thrust into the midst of an unsolved mystery of the past with serious family connections for her in the future. With a blend of suspense, romance, and intrigue, this action-packed series is perfect for fans of the classic detective genre and Golden Age of Mystery

The Stranded in Provence Mysteries–A 20-something American finds herself stranded in the south of France after an EMP goes off and leaves the country without power, communications or vehicular travel. Resourceful and always tripping over dead bodies, this series is more “cozy” and is irreverent. Clean with several adorable animals.

The Mia Kazmaroff Mysteries is set in Atlanta and features an unusual heroine; an equestrian who can tell the history behind any object she touches. Very “handy” for solving mysteries with her ex-cop partner. NOTE: This series was recently optioned to be turned into a cable TV series so watch for it!