Murder in Arles

The 13th Maggie Newberry Mystery cranks up the creep factor to full-throttle!
If you’ve ever been to the south of France, you know what a magical town the Roman village of Arles is. Small enough not to get lost in the big-city shuffle and oozing with charm and antiquity–especially in its magnificent amphitheater.

So when Maggie and Grace take the kids to a Saturday jaunt to Arles they are less than pleased to stumble across a murder on their fun day at the amphitheater–and worse, one that the police are decidedly uninterested in solving.

Will Maggie take things into her own hands to give the victim’s family the peace of mind they need? And will she do it before the emotional issues blowing up in her own family–ones that she and she alone is responsible for–come to a full boil?

It’s all here in the 13th book in the series, along with Laurent–who has a  game-changer of a surprise of his own for Maggie–Grace, Maggie’s parents and most of all,  Maggie’s son Jemmy.

Check out Murder in Arles for a spontaneous trip to the south of France.  Available from my website or from:

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