Murder à la Carte

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MURDER A LA CARTE is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat through every luscious page of this fast, rollicking whirl through the French countryside. When her boyfriend inherits an ancient vineyard in France, Maggie Newberry quits her job in Atlanta to accompany him for a year abroad. They settle in the tiny village of St-Buvard, but murder has gone long before them and follows close behind.

Murder à la Carte brings Atlanta copywriter and southern belle Maggie Newberry to the brink of two connected murders—both committed in her home—and both poised to threaten everything she holds dear. When Maggie agrees to move to France with her boyfriend—a French ex-confidence man who has just inherited a house and vineyard—she doesn’t expect her year of French market shopping and weekend trips to Paris to be interrupted by a vicious murder in her living room. Or that the bloody violence that occurred on their front doorstep sixty years earlier after the end of the Second World War might be connected.

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   5 stars Great love story and mystery!  Title says it all. Eager to read the rest of the series!! Loved the characters, setting, and the plot. Could not put the      book down. Great getaway!!

   5 stars Excellent Series  Wonderful author who can pull you into the country, cuisine along with a dash of intrigue, crime and romance!!!!

  5 stars I’m growing attached to these characters Nice, easy read. In this book, 2nd in the series, Maggie and her too-good-to-be-true lover, Laurent, have moved to a tiny town in the French countryside where he has inherited a vineyard. I enjoyed the descriptions of life in this village and of running a vineyard, and I was happy to see the characters evolving into more complex individuals. I moved 10 years ago from the US to a small town in Scandinavia, and I really related to Maggie’s loneliness, her feelings of being lost in her strange, new environment, and her excitement at meeting Americans who might become her friends.  The growing relationships between the characters was fun to read and kept me going. I have already started book 3 in the series.

Interesting plot. I love the French village life eventhough every one knows everyones business. Maggie and Laurent are a good match for each other in this convoluted story with twisting plots and suspicious characters. It keeps you guessing.


One thought on “Murder à la Carte

  1. Hi, I just finished reading the first of your novels, Murder In The South of France, and cannot wait to read more! I thoroughly enjoyed every word of something that is not normally of a genre I gravitate to. A spur of the moment purchase that has opened new worlds for me, thank you for sharing your wonderful talent! Cheers, Kay

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