The Savannah Time Travel Mysteries

A step back into time into one of the most beautiful–and haunting–cities in America. Set in 1920’s Savannah with an intrepid time traveler from 2023, this series is all the grandeur and magic of the Roaring Twenties with the mystique and ghostly history that is Savannah. Part historical mystery, part romance, all thrilling. Six books to come!


Step into the exciting and tumultuous world of 1920’s Savannah with police dispatcher Georgia Belle who is thrust into the past and into the center of a sinister mystery with personal ties to her future. As the body count rises, she joins forces with 1920’s police detective Sam Bohannon to find the killer.  

Book 1 in this electrifying new historical mystery series combines romance, suspense, and intrigue for a thrill ride that will have fans of Golden Age Mysteries on the edge of their seats.

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