Laurent’s Kitchen

Finally!  A peek inside Laurent’s kitchen at          

Domaine St-Buvard!

All the recipes that appear at the back of every Maggie Newberry Mystery book from the beginning are now in one convenient location.

You’ll find some of Laurent’s favorites here like eggplant gratin, pan bagnat, moules marinières and so many more. All with step by step instructions so even if you’ve never made French Toast before, you’ll be making Laurent proud before you know it–not to  mention amazing and delighting your family.

This cookbook is only available on my website but it is formatted to fit whatever ebook you have. I promise you that or your money back.

Plus, as the Maggie Newberry series grows and the recipes multiply, I’ll add to this cookbook throughout the years. Buy it once and then just come back and update FOR FREE for all the newer recipes as I add them.

Nothing says I feel like I’m in France than some of these delectable and mouthwatering dishes.

Trust me, it’s like being in a hot fragrant kitchen with our favorite 6-foot four Frenchman. 

Bien sûr!

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