“Five Stars! Another absolutely heart-pounding adventure.”

“Five stars! This is the best series I have ever read....totally addictive!”  

 “A love story, a disaster story, a survival story. The woman who is afraid of everything now had to make it in a world where there is everything to be afraid of.”


What if the lights turned off in the world?
What if we couldn’t rely on our electronics, our laws, our communities? What if we landed as foreigners in a country and had to survive on cunning, bravery and common sense?
The Irish End Games takes an average American family and drops them into every parent’s worst nightmare–an apocalyptic event that makes survival a terrifying day to day struggle.

“Here’s one to put at the top of your READ NOW list. Absolutely riveting.” Book 1 starts  it all! FREE.


Well done dystopian fiction; love the Irish setting and the characters. Not at all predictable.” Book 2 takes the reader to post-apocalyptic England and the terrifying new world of sweatshops and enforced prostitution.

Be careful what you wish for.

Book 3 brings the stranded American family the opportunity they’ve been praying for. Will they be foolish enough to grab for it?


“You’ll be on the edge of your seat every step of the way.”

What happens when the very trees and landscape conspire against you? Evil  isn’t just found in man in this taut continuation of the Irish End Games adventure saga.

“Post-apocalyptic adventure set in Ireland…absolutely engrossing!”

Separated from John in the midst of a pandemic virus sweeping the United Kingdom, Sarah will have to do the unthinkable one more time if she’s ever to see her son again.

Some people were born to take advantage of a disaster. Book 6 in the Irish End Games brings Sarah and Mike to their knees when the compound is invaded and the women captured to serve as breeders.


A castle in Ireland? Refuge seems to be right in their hands. But one thing they’ve learned is that not everything is as it seems.



An invasion, a brutal attack and a heartbreaking mystery. Where is Mike? Is he alive? Did he leave on his own? And the biggest shock of the entire series  happens now.


All the pieces begin to fall into place as Mike and Sarah careen to the end of their story in one unbelievable turn of events after another. Fled from the castle, they begin the “Island Years” and hope to stay alive to see Ireland’s future.


The blizzard that covered the world, destroying everything in its path is  headed straight for the island refuge and Mike and Sarah’s last chance to keep their small band of family and survivors together.



When eternal darkness descends, the remaining survivors of the Irish End Game will have to pull out every ounce of resource, strength and grit they have to endure an unseeable foe intent on their destruction.


The End Game. It was staring them in the face all along.

See what everyone’s raving about. The Irish End Games series is not your typical dystopian adventure story. It’s a story of survival, of family, and of unconditional, unflagging love that crosses all lines, withstands all storms. And triumphs.



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