Wined and Died

Just when you thought things were settling down in the quiet and charming little Provençal village of Chabanel there’s an unfortunate “business” in the form of a dead body that shows up on Jules’ doorstep.

 Worse yet, Jules is accused of making him dead!

With Katrine still not speaking to her, Luc out of town and Detective Eloise Basile out for revenge for Jules’ refusal to grant Marco an annulment, there’s little help for the damning evidence piling up as neatly as the cords of firewood Jules is responsible for stacking at La Fleurette.

 Will Jules be able to clear herself of the crime before she gets a one-way ticket to the Alien Detention Camp after all? And will she be able to unsnarl who it is who wants her gone?

 Preferably dead and gone.

Wined and Died is Book 8 in the ongoing Stranded in Provence mystery series!

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September 29, 2018

September 30, 2018


September 29, 2018