Murder Très Gauche

The excitement just keeps on coming!

Now that Jules is more or less sorted out on the detention camp front, she’s got her hands full in proving the innocence of a fellow American accused of murder. Because of the creeping anti-American sentiment after the EMP Jules is about the only one who cares.

Off she goes to Aix-en-Provence where she’ll see exactly how her unfortunate countrywoman was forced to live after all the lights turned off in order to uncover the people who betrayed her.

She’ll have to confront the ruthless female warden at the nearby work camp where the hapless American is being  held. The warden of the camp will prove to be Jules’ biggest obstacle of all since she considers it  her duty to see that the American prisoner pay not just for the French lover she’s accused of killing–but for the apocalypse itself.

As usual, the twins, Jules’ dog, the cats and the whole group at Chabanel–Luc, Katrine, Theroux and Marco–will be on  hand to make Jules’ job as hard as possible.

While making her realize how good she really  has it now.

The genre is light cozy so there’s no cussing, no sex, and no violence. And still guaranteed you won’t guess the killer.

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