The way I see it, there is no  food on earth easier to work with than the egg. (Unless you’re trying to make home-made mayonnaise.) Eggs reign supreme chez nous–perfect on just about anything. I add them to  sandwiches, salads, pasta, you name it. My favorite all-time meal ever is a ripe avocado spread on a piece of toasted home-made bread with a fried egg on top. When I eat alone, I just put greens on a plate and a couple of fried eggs on top in lieu of dressing. Simple, low-calorie, parfait. I add fried eggs to BLTs that need just “a little something extra” and I add sliced omelet strips to salad, rice, clear soups and even grits.

This is unfussy cooking at its best. It’s assembly cooking, really. My favorite kind. Bottom line: You got eggs in the house, you’re done. Good and well. 🙂

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