Heading Home


What happens when the one thing you’ve been praying for becomes the one thing that will destroy you and everything you love? When an American family is stranded in Ireland during a vacation when a nuclear bomb detonates over the Irish Sea they soon learn to do whatever they have to in order to survive.

Book Three in the Irish End Game series bombards the family with a challenge they never in their wildest, most horrifying dreams, could have imagined: It turns out that rescue might just be the thing that saves them at the risk of everything they hold dear.

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Here’s what readers have to say about Book 3 in the series:

“You’ll be on the edge of your seat every step of the way.”

“Here’s one to put at the top of your READ NOW list. Absolutely riveting.”

“Well done dystopian fiction; love the Irish setting and the characters. Not at all predictable.”

“Definitely one of the best series I’ve read in a very long time.”

“After the bomb went off, it’s now hunt, farm, garden…or die. I was enthralled by these books. There are so many original turns of events that you simply won’t see coming.”

“Could NOT put these books down once I started!”

“Absolutely addictive series.”

“Once you start, you can’t put the books down.”

“Strong American heroine in a world coming down around her ears. Fascinating, well done and totally believable.”

“I couldn’t help wonder what I would do if this happened here. Scary but very real.”