We’ll Always Have Paris

Le Martian! Or as it's called in France: "Alone on Mars." Certainly nails it, nest-ce pas?

Le Martian! Or as it’s called in France: “Alone on Mars.” Certainly nails it, nest-ce pas?

My series An American in Paris Mysteries is, not surprisingly, set in Paris.

Skirting the Grand Dame on my way to Laurent's childhood neighborhood.

Skirting the Grand Dame on my way to find Laurent’s childhood neighborhood.

Paris is so different from the south and yet as addicting as any experience you’ll ever have.

The apartment where my husband and I stay in the 8th arrondissement is the one I’ve given Claire Baskerville (altho I’ve added an extra bedroom for her.) Because I’ve walked that walk from rue de Laborde to the Saint-Augustin Métro station many times and shopped at that particular Monoprix, I know well the sights and scents of Claire’s neighborhood as she goes about her day.

Join me on my annual jaunts there–I’m hoping to discover
something new and exciting each and every time and share it with you. (And I sincerely hope you do the same with me)

Susan’s Paris

Claire’s Paris