All My Mysteries

How do you like your mystery? Cozy or Edgy?

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Most people I know love a good who-dunnit so I strive to keep you guessing ’til the bitter, unpredictable ending. My Maggie Newberry mystery series is a cozy, light-hearted series that makes you feel like you’ve just been to France (without the expensive plane ticket). Click here for the whole series for your Kindle. 

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An American in Paris Mysteries is a whole new kind of mystery! A sixty-something American ex-pat moves to Paris to solve crimes in her later years and what she discovers there is like nothing she could possibly have imagined. Friendship, romance, a second chance–and the kind of mysteries you can really sink your teeth into. (There’s also an adorable French Bulldog.)

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And because there are different kinds of mystery and suspense  readers, I have the  Mia Kazmaroff Mysteries. It’s kind of a grown-up Nancy Drew! Set in Atlanta, this series features the detective partnership of a strong and passionate woman with a special gift and an ex-cop who’s seen too much to believe in happy-ever-after. Even though that’s exactly what he’s looking for.


“Stranded in Provence”  is a combination of all those things my readers love best! I’ll be taking you back to France (bien sûr!) with this one and mixing in a little “Golden Age of Mystery” for those of us who yearn for kinder, gentler times–but still desire all the truffles and croissants we can eat!

hardbackstandingstraight_890x1110-3Finally, I have a very engaging  romantic suspense novel–Wicked Good–written specifically for the boomer in all of us–that  takes place in a little Southern town called Infinity. (Also available in iBooks, Nook, and Kobo.)

I hope you’ll try out all of my mystery/suspense series! I’m pretty confident I can promise you many hours of thrills and hurried page-turning to last you until the next installment.









12 thoughts on “All My Mysteries

  1. Is there going to be any more of the Maggie Newberry Series? I really enjoy them. They make me feel that I am as young as Maggie and in the south of France.

    I am going to start the Mia Kazmaroff series soon.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Betty! 🙂 Yes, another Maggie is coming out this fall and I’m really excited about it. Hope you enjoy the Mia books…another one of those coming out this summer!

  2. Thanks for your reply. I’ll be looking forward to reading the new Maggie Newberry and the Mia books.

    • Not until next January but I have a few things to keep you going in the meanwhile. Join the Irish End Games Facebook page to see what I mean. Glad you like the series, Trina!

  3. I am anxious for your next Maggie Newbury book to come out–Next January? Ok. I am looking forward to it! Love this series. Thank you!

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