Death du Jour

Well, THAT was a shock!

If you’re keeping up with what’s happening, Jules just received a double whammy in Book 5’s CROAK, MONSIEUR! when she found out that the French government was gathering up all aliens–as in NON French people–and putting them in detention camps until overseas travel is possible again.

And who knows how long THAT will take?

Fortunately, if, say a stranded American national would happen to marry a French national, well, then she could stay in the country without the hospitality of the very unpleasant refugee camp she would otherwise need to go to.

Sound good? It does right up to the point where Jules finds out that her number one pick for a husband is already taken and she’s facing the choice between a refugee work camp or marriage to her arch nemesis, Detective Adrien Matteo.

On top of all that there is also the small problem of the murder that happened in connection to the café that now has Jules’ dearest friend needing her help.

With the French authorities breathing down her neck, Thibault needing Jules to find the real killer fast and Jules seriously put out with Luc, this is one summer where our intrepid American lass once more has slightly more than she can handle.

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