Murder in Cannes

Voila! Book #10 of the Maggie Newberry Mysteries is finally here!

It’s time to go back to France, back to Provence, and back to the world of intrigue, murder and stoCannes_11 copy
pping to smell the lavender.

Book Ten takes you to the ritziest part of the south of France in Cannes. And just so you know, what happens in Cannes not only does NOT stay in Cannes but it gets plastered all over the world media within minutes of it happening!  

Murder in Cannes takes you to the south of France in the blink of an eye! Summer on the Côte d’Azur means tan bodies, wide beaches and glamorous nightclubs throbbing with the rich and beautiful. So when Maggie Newberry arranges to meet an old boyfriend at the International Advertising Festival in Cannes it’s no surprise she begins to feel the seduction of her old life.

But amidst the glamor, the beautiful clothes and brilliant creative work on display there is also the side of the business Maggie forgot was there. The petty rivalries, the dirty deals, and the betrayals are all still front and center. When the back stabbing turns literal and the wife of Maggie’s childhood friend is accused of the murder, Maggie knows she has to help.

Along the way she’ll need to fight the police, Laurent, and even her own instincts about who she is now and the life she left behind.

She’ll learn the hard way that the treachery rife in her old industry has ramped up to a whole new level—one that the quiet life as a vigneron’s wife has not prepared her for…and one that could very well get her killed.

(Bonus: Laurent’s classic soupe de poisson recipe at the end of the book!)

Murder in Cannes is available here


“Couldn’t put it down!”
“…Great culinary delights mix with mystery and romance!”
“I would recommend these to any cozy mystery lover out there.”
“Love this series! Great characters, great mysteries, great setting.”
“The French food! The clues! The conniving villagers! Did I mention the French food?”
“Once you start reading, it’s a mind battle to hurry and get to the end! The who-done-it mystery is fascinating.”
“The complexities of the characters and their relationships, the subplots and the main plot development!”
“Love, Food and Mystery! Oh my!”
“Recommend you do not read hungry! The descriptions of Laurent’s cooking as Maggie sleuthes will send you running to the pantry.”