Caprese Salad

Obviously I must have a thing for tomatoes. I never realized before how large they figure in so many of my favorite dishes! This dish is, like the others, amazingly simple and also very delicious. And beautiful. My recipe is more an assembly than an actual recipe. Arrange the ingredients as you like and serve. Voila! Use only ripe, perfect big red tomatoes. A ball of mozzarella, sliced in thickness to match how you slice the tomatoes. Lettuce or greenery of some kind for it all to sit on. Salsa verde to drizzle over the top and dot a few capers on, too.

Salsa verde: blend  coarsely chopped cilantro, parsley (no stems!) Pulse in processor, add a cup or so  of extra virgin olive oil and salt to taste. I actually use salsa verde instead of mayonnaise when I’m making tomato/bacon sandwiches. Experiment with it. Very fresh tasting. Very lush.

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