Murder in the Vineyard

Maggie Newberry mystery #12 brings the chills home!
Sometimes reaping what you sow can be a real killer

Life in Provence was just settling down for American ex-pat Maggie Newberry when a dead body shows up with a knife in its back in her vineyard.

Curious to learn about who the victim is, Maggie’s motivation skyrockets when her husband Laurent is arrested for the murder.

 With the evidence piling up against Laurent by the day, and witness after witness coming forward to swear he is the killer, can Maggie find the real murderer and will she find the cabal behind the campaign to send Laurent to prison for life?

And can she do it before her life and those of her dear ones come crashing down around her?

Murder in the Vineyard is a cozy mystery set in the south of France with all the tastes, sounds, and fragrances of la belle France.

This book has no graphic violence or sex and includes at least one adorable dog or cat.

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Here are a few of the reviews for Murder in the Vineyard

on May 1, 2018
This was the best Maggie Newberry murder mystery yet- Oh wait, I said that about the last one. They’re all THAT good, I promise. Each book goes deeper into the psyche of the main characters and they become friends. Actually, they feel more like family. This one truly had me worried it could be the last. The author is promising more and I can’t wait. Good advice- don’t even start one of these books unless you have time to finish it!

I love these books. I just couldn’t put them down.
I tell my friends how she keeps you wondering who did it.

August 17, 2018

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Maggie Newberry-Dernier is overwhelmed with too many things at once. Her parents have come to France and have rented an apartment in a town near Domaine St. Buvard. Maggie’s father has Alzheimer’s and her mother who just a couple of years ago, according to Maggie, had organized a ball for 500 people in Atlanta is unable to cope with her father’s illness or everyday life. Maggie finds herself frequently driving back and forth from the vineyard to her parents’ apartment for real and imagined problems. To compound matters a body is found in Laurent’s vineyard.

Henri Dupree, murdered with Laurent’s knife in his back was found sprawled in Laurent’s vineyard. Roger Bedard, Commandant of Police, is in charge of the case. He brings Laurent in for questioning. The unthinkable happens: Laurent is arrested for murder. Dupree was a homeless man who lived at the largesse of a monastery run by Frere Jean. Maggie is convinced that the answer to the murder lies in the monastery, and she goes there to question Frere Jean, and Noelle the victim’s daughter and others. She does not believe, and rightly so, that the police are doing enough to find the killer. Roger who is not convinced that Laurent killed Dupree is forced to try to get a confession from Laurent, but not for the murder. His supervisor wants Laurent to confess to being involved in a big diamond theft that took place in Canne in the ’90s, which Laurent was involved in when he was a con man. Maggie is unaware of this nasty development. Roger knows what his supervisor is trying to do is illegal. Meanwhile, Laurent languishes in jail.

This is one of the best Maggie Newberry tales. It is a tense story with an intricate and complex plot. The characters are fully developed, and the work is well written as are all Newberry mysteries.. Roger’s supervisor and his assistant, though police officers, come off as evil doers. Maggie is totally distraught because her beloved Laurent is in jail and, for the most part, she cannot communicate with him for days. Roger’s hands are tied. And he is still in love with Maggie and he
feels as if he is betraying her by not really trying to find the killer. Maggie’s best friend Grace stands by her and comforts her throughout her ordeal.