Crime and Croissants

Book 2 of the fast-paced STRANDED IN PROVENCE Mystery series drives you straight into the heart of Aix-en-Provence for a wild whodunit you never saw coming!

Jules Hooker is doing her best to adjust to the new normal of a world without
electricity, electronics, cars or the chance to return home. Stranded in the charming but provincial village of Chabanel wasn’t terrible until Jules discovers Aix-en-Provence and decides that the big city lights—even when they’ve gone out in the apocalypse—are much preferable to the countryside.

Of course with a big city comes big city crimes and when a fellow American is accused of murdering a popular pastry chef in Aix, Jules knows she has to help.

Unfortunately tracking a dangerous killer when you don’t know the language—or the French people themselves—soon has Jules bumbling into one dangerous situation after another.

All the wonderful pastries aside, will this be lights out for her too?

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The Reviews are in for Crime & Croissants!

Goodreads reviewer
It’s like a return trip. I could practically smell the croissants and I knew exactly where Jules was every minute in the old part of the town. Oh, and no, I did not guess who-done-it!

Loretta R. O’Connor

Kindle Customer
I loved this book! I have read all of the Stranded books and have loved them all. Jules is fun loving and a very good detective.
Linda Richard