In the thrilling conclusion to the Irish End Game Series, Book 12, END GAME takes Mike and Sarah to their final destination


Desperate to leave Ishnert the remote Scottish island where they’ve endured the brunt of a mini-white age for the past two years, our hardy group sets out on a refurbished tramp steamer into the heart of the waning white-out for one last attempt to survive the new world order.

The surprises come fast and hard in this final book. Some good.

And some simply devastating.

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Five stars!

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Four stars!

Thank you again for a fantastic story. Bittersweet, because …it’s the end of the Irish End Games…. but strength prevailed and it’s not so entirely ended, there can always be another down the road. Fast moving, tense, finally an ending where you can let a breath out , and Sarah & Mike’s story comes to a good end.


Five stars!

I love the way the author took us through more trials and tribulations with Sarah and Mike and the others and made it to a satisfying conclusion. I have touted this series to a number of people and totally enjoyed reading it myself. It all started with a free book at the beginning of the series that I had to keep reading. Must be time to try some of the other series by this same author.