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Murder in Grasse

Releases March 3, 2023

Book 22 is coming your way early next year! When Maggie and Grace take a much needed girls’ weekend trip to the perfume capital of the world, they find rejuvenation, reconnection…and of course murder.

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I know it’s a bit of a wait but Murdering Madeleine, Book 11 in the Claire Baskerville Mysteries, is ready for ordering right now.

When a high-ranking American politician is murdered, the US embassy and the Paris police make fast work of its obvious political implications and deep-six the case. But when the politician’s daughter, Madeleine, begs Claire and Jean-Marc—now working together—to find the truth about her father’s death, they know they must help.

In the process they discover a harrowing, decades-old secret that many powerful people will do anything to hide. Including the murder of a young American woman determined to get justice for her father.

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Voila, Murder!

Releases November 2, 2023

There are wedding bells in Chabanel! Or are they ringing in something entirely different? Check back in and see in the next book in this popular series! Get yours now for $2.99. I promise it will have been worth the wait!

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