I would like to share a great blog posting I recently uncovered that’s as pertinent and vital today as when it was originally posted two years ago. The posting, called An Indie Call to Action, was posted by April L. Hamilton, the “author and indie publishing agitator.” What April suggests, essentially, in her post is that we, as writers, put our money where our Indie mouths are. More specifically, she suggests we find an Indie book to love. We find it, read it, love it and then spread the love. Become your own little one-person word-of-mouth love machine and tell everyone you know—in all the social mediums you run around in—about this great new indie find. Just imagine if we all did this! In fact, it smacks very much of the thing that Kristen Lamb is always encouraging us to do—giving service to others. (There’s always good karma involved in doing good unto others!) It is often a little tricky to find awesome Indie novels, so let’s make it easy on each other…and help a fellow Indie author at the same time.

These two books, The Boltons of the Little Boltons by Robert Phillip Bolton and The Loyal Heart by Merry Farmer, I’ve recently read and loved, loved, loved. I highly recommend that you discover them for yourselves. Meanwhile, if anyone out there has a great Indie book they’d like to shout about, please let me know. (Just, really? Not your own. Right?) I would love to hear from you!

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