The Irish End Games

What would YOU do if life as you knew it came to a thundering, screeching end?


“The woman who is afraid of everything now has to make it in a world where there is everything to be afraid of.”

Book 1, Free Falling      Book 2, Going Gone      Book 3, Heading Home

Book 4, Blind Sided      Book 5, Rising Tides      Book 6 Cold Comfort

Book 7, Never Never      Book 8, Wit’s End      Book 9, Dead On

Book 10, White Out      Book 11, Black Out      Book 12, End Game

The family of three was on vacation in Ireland, renting a country cottage far from the madding crowd, when a war began on their first day there. A bomb went off in the air over the United Kingdom, sending EMP pulses throughout England, Ireland and Scotland, launching them back to a near-medieval lifestyle in moments. Now Sarah and David and son John find themselves ill-equipped to survive in a farm economy with only minimal tools and supplies, the only plus being a few head of sheep, goats, and three ridable horses. Now they have to learn how to do without all the modern conveniences and become medieval crofters overnight, in a community that is sparsely populated and also ill-equipped to do without modern conveniences. Some of the locals hate them for being Americans, blaming them for everything that’s happened, every death, every disaster. Others seize the opportunity to become brigands and highwaymen, armed with modern firearms and evil intentions. Law and order has evaporated, and in its place is only the protection you can provide for yourself.Isolated farmsteads are raided and their occupants left dead, or taken as slaves. The good people find that it’s best to live in small communities for protection against these outlaws, but not everyone wants to move into such a group. Now it’s hunt, farm, garden…or die. The supplies one may have amassed by salvage or from one’s own stores can be erased in moments by a fire, or the thieving outlaws. A full stomach in late summer will be replaced by starvation in late winter, as it just isn’t possible to store enough food for the whole cold season.I was enthralled by this trio of books and recommend getting the set of three, so that you don’t have to wait to find out what happens next. There are some very original turns of events that you simply won’t see coming. This isn’t just a “local survival” post-apocalyptic tale, but a look at how things could go backward in a hurry.  Some parts of Great Britain have a partial recovery, but poor cousin Ireland is left to starve. Victorian-style factories return, complete with child labor and slavery, and so does white slavery. Women are chattel, property of the man with a gun.In this world there are only victims and survivors, and at any moment, one can be swapped for the other. Those who seem like friends can turn on you in a heartbeat, or manipulate the situation to suit themselves. A love story, a disaster story, a survival story. The woman who is afraid of everything now has to make it in a world where there is everything to be afraid of.

Three of the best written books, ever!! Heading Home, the third of the series, takes you, the reader, to new heights. Beautifully written, with all the emotion and excitement that only a top notch writer can provide. I would give this book, and series, ten stars if I could!!!

This is a very relevant book based on a catastrophic event happening to the U.S.and England while away on vacation in Ireland. The book doesn’t get into the how and whys of the event, but the reaction of an American family to being isolated in a remote part of Ireland and learning to survive. It makes you think about how prepared you might be losing modern technology and fending for yourself and your family. I especially liked how the author brought out the reactions of different aspects of society to the event, and how another country might view Americans at a time like this (or any time for that matter).

” A RIVETING, FAST READ. COULDN’T WAIT TO TURN THE PAGES!”  The story made me think about what my life would be like without all our conveniences.

” APOCALYPTIC! UNNERVING! FIVE STARS.”  Unnerving, but also inspiring. This is believable. The author does a great job of putting you into the characters’ heads.

“POWERFUL! FIVE STARS.” Free Falling  is not a light read. It is not a book you can walk away from without, if not being changed, at least questioning what would you do. How would you feel? I suspect Free Falling will remain with me long after I have closed the cover and moved on to other reads. It is that powerful a work.Don’t miss a single thrilling episode! And join others who love the series, have questions and suggestions, and enjoy getting the inside scoop on our intrepid survivors. Join the IEG Facebook Group!



67 thoughts on “The Irish End Games

  1. Susan,
    I’m on my last day of holidays in Portugal and will be heading home to a (hopefully) very different Ireland than the post apocalyptic one in the Irish End Game Series today! I’ve just finished the third book in the week (thank you kindly Kindle one touch purchase) but now I’ve nothing to read and itching to get my hands on the fourth installment! Maybe ill get it as a Christmas present if I’m right to believe it will be published at the end of this year??
    The series had me thoroughly enthralled right from the very start. A very huge congratulations from a new fan…….Ciara

    • I’ve just read all eight books in The Irish End Games in a few days. Now I can’t sleep because I need to need to know where Mike is! Hurry on book 9.

      • Haha….welcome aboard the Irish End Games train, Fran! Glad you think it’s a fun ride. 🙂 Are you on the IEG Facebook page? I tend to announce contests etc there first and my next one is for Dead On to go to four winners 3 weeks before pub-date. Thanks for writing!

  2. Loved the series, made me sad, mad, laugh and cheer for Sarah and all the gang. Can’t wait for book 6….Cold Comfort. Is there a release date yet?
    Thank you for pulling me in. A new fan

  3. Irish end game series is fantastic. I really enjoyed an apocalyptic tale that does not involve zombies. (I love zombies btw) this is a refreshing take on the genre. I read the entire series in less than a month.

    I can’t wait for Cold Comfort to be released in June.

  4. I’ve finished 1-5 in the Irish End Game series, and I’m patiently, ok i fib, not so patiently, waiting on #6 of this series! I love the characters and the story line totally holds my interest. A #6, 7 and8 to come? Really? Awwwwesome!!! Cannot wait? 🙂

    • Hi, Kate! Yes, I’m deep into finishing #6 right now. Not sure it’s not the best of the series–but you tell me! 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying it and thanks so much for reaching out!

      • Just finished “Never Never”. I just love this series! Summer 2016 seems so far away. I can’t wait for #8! Thank you so much for writing the Irish End Games series. You have a fan for life!

  5. Just finished Book 7 ,I can’t wait for 8. your imagination and writing skills are awesome.I think you have a good series for TV!

  6. I just finished book 6 and cannot wait to read the next one. I love it and all your characters and hope you never stop writing about them!!

  7. Hi Susan, I read books 1 to 7 back to back, they were so enthralling! When, oh when, can I download 8, 9 and any others in this fantastic series? I can hardy wait!
    Keep up the good work.
    You have a great talent.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Colin! Glad you’re enjoying the series. I love writing it. Because this was such a strong “Irish” centric year for me, I have to spend the first part of 2016 focusing on my French mystery series. I’ll be back with Mike and Sarah and the gang by next summer. Hope you stay with me!

  8. I have truly gotten so spoiled since discovering your books! You have set the bar so high that it has really put a damper on my ability to be happy with just any book that I can find to read. I have read most of the books in all of your series. The most recent book that I read was Never Never of my favorite series, The Irish End Games. I finished the book in two days. I could hardly put it down, which has been the case in every book in the series. Now I can hardly wait for the next release, Dead On. Can you tell how much I love this series? Meanwhile, I am moping as I open the mediocre thriller that I have been reading for the last week. I can hardly remember the name of the book, let alone the author. That never happens with your books!!

    • Ha ha! Thanks, Deanna! Really boosted my day!I’ll get cracking on the rest of IEG straight-away! (Meanwhile, have you tried the Ella Out of Time books?) 🙂

    • They’re not anywhere just yet, Bella because they’re not finished! 🙂 I’m working on them as we speak and will release sometime in 2016. So glad you like the series! Thanks for writing me…

  9. I just finished THE IRISH END GAMES….all 7 in less than 10 days. Absolutely the best books I have read in a very long time. Can’t wait until the next one comes out in 2016 !!

    • So glad you enjoyed the series, Robbie! I’m putting together a Facebook page for IEG fans so I can drop excerpts etc. there before any where else…also, I can’t tell you how many great ideas and plot twists were first suggested to me by readers and a private Facebook page is a good place to do that. Anyway, thanks for writing me. If you’re signed up for my newsletter, you’ll be the first to know when the next two books release!

  10. When does book 8 come out in the Irish End Games series? I can barely contain my excitement to get my hands on the next book in this series!

    • I was just searching for the answer to this question! I am glad I am not the only person looking for book 8 on kindle. I have just bought Book 7 … so hopefully it will be out on kindle very soon. I love this series 🙂

      • Hi, Moira–Glad you’re enjoying the series. I hope you show up on the Irish End Games Facebook page and let me know what idea you have going forward. 🙂

  11. I found my answer among the other comnents. Should have read them first. Cant wait for summer and being back with Mike and Sarah! Thank you so much for continuing to write! I hope they continue for some time!

    • Hi, Tasha, I’m so glad you enjoyed the series. I absolutely love writing them. I’m about to start an Irish End Games Facebook page where we can all connect and throw ideas around. (Some of my best plot devices were suggested by readers!) Hope to see you there and in the meantime…hang on! Mike & Sarah and the gang will be back. Thanks for writing me.

  12. Hi
    Just wondering if the last two books
    Dead on and Wits End are on Amazon Ebooks as I can’t seem to find these two?
    I’m addicted

    • Hi Stacey, So glad you’re enjoying the series! The next two books in the series, Wit’s End and Dead On will come out this summer. Hope you stay with me! Cheers!

  13. I’ve just finished the series thus far and I’m finding myself looking for something more! I’m not sure other books will satisfy me at this point. Maybe I should just go and start a list of things that need to be stored for emergencies!
    Thank you so much for these books. I’m loving every minute and anxiously awaiting the next.

    Love from Canada

    • Hi, Lynn–Thanks for writing me! Glad you’re enjoying the series and I’m with you–I often think what would I do IF…? 🙂 Glad you’re on board for the rest of the series!

      • Awww, sorry about that, Patricia! You know I can’t keep Sarah and Mike apart for long. 🙂 Thanks for reading and for writing. Cheers!

  14. I’m confused, just finished Wit’s End and it says the series will conclude with Dead On. Above you said it wouldn’t be ending anytime soon, you would keep writing in we kept reading. I’m doing my part!

    • Sorry for the confusion, Buckey. Dead On won’t be the last installment. There’s Strike Out coming after that. But whether THAT is the finish or not will have to be determined. I’d love to keep writing these stories forever so maybe it’ll just be me and you hanging in there, Buckey! haha…we’ll see. Anyway, thanks for writing and thanks for the support! 🙂

      • Glad you like it! Dead On will release in January and Strike Out six months later. (If all goes according to plan!) Glad you’re enjoying them. Thanks for writing!

  15. I just finished the first 8 books in about four weeks. I am having withdrawal waiting for book nine. I will check on other series. Loved this.

    • So glad you liked the series, Karen. It’s one of my favorites too. Book 9 should be ready by the end of the year or early in January. Stay with me! 🙂

  16. Hi Susan,

    I spent the last few weeks reading all 8 books! I could not put them down and I absolutely love the Irish End Game series. These books need to be turned into movies! I am so excited for book 9 and can’t stop thinking about the characters and that cliffhanger you left us all with! Thank you for writing such an entertaining series.

    • Hi, Paty–Glad you’re enjoying the series! I’ve got a definite two-book arc to finish things up but I’m exploring other options to try to extend it. I love writing it and will hate to see it over! Thanks for writing.

    • Oh those are words to warm my heart! 🙂 I think I found myself writing slower because I didn’t want it to end but maybe I just need to write more books…! Thanks for writing, Shirley. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love Book 9!

  17. OMG I finished book 8 thinking it was the last one in the series and you leave us with a cliffhanger! Do you have an updated release date for 9?

    • Ha ha…I had to do it, Cindy! 🙂 There’s just too much story for any one book! It’ll go on pre-order around the holidays and release either Jan or Feb. Glad you’re enjoying the series!

    • Hi, Alison, Glad you’re enjoying the series. Book 9 is scheduled to make its appearance some time this February. It’s going to be a nail biter so glad you’re onboard! 🙂

      • Hello,
        I am also anxiously awaiting book 9! I saw on your facebook page a post from Jan 10 that said it would be ready for pre order in a week from that post. Is this still the case? Where can I pre order the book! I am so excited! I am truely enjoying this series.
        Thank you

      • Hi, Ruth Anne–So glad you’re enjoying the series! i always worry people will lose interest if there’s too much time between books. My assistant is a little slow getting the pre-order up (because he’s also my husband and a college professor and sometimes, it seems, his other work is more important–sheesh!) but Dead On will be up this week–January 19-20. As soon as the cover is done (hopefully next week) Book 10 will go up too. Thanks for sticking with me, Ruth Anne! And thanks for writing me.

  18. Dear Ms. Kiernan-Lewis
    My name is Tyler Kruse I live in Nevada and am doing a book report on your first book in the Irish End Games series, this letter is actually the report. I was fascinated with your book. How did you even come up with such a creative idea? The thought of an EMP going off just blows my mind. This book was written post-apocalyptic think, today I can’t even imagine what life would be like for that period of time. Everything is digital cash registers, communications, even in some places money itself. As scary as an experience as this would be I would love to be a part of it. Living with nothing having to be practically self-sustained. Too use horses as my mode of transportation. You have given the characters in this book so much feeling. David is so timid it seems at the start but later he shows that he is still going to support the family and keep them living ok. Sarah seems like a traditional mom has all of her recipes written down in a cook book at home so the has to be brave and learn that even if it tastes bad it is still food for her family. I think it was sort of a reflection of her childhood to be able to be out with little to nothing killing chickens not having them delivered to her doorstep and surviving. I think John thinks of the trip as a bummer until the EMP goes off. Then it goes off and it is a great big camping trip to him. He gets to ride horses and pick his own food. The family meets a nice couple whom have never used electricity so after the EMP thy did not have to adjust. I think that the setting you chose was perfect. Because they were American it made the whole story better because the Irish effectively picked on them. The Irish are convinced that it is because they are allies with the USA that the EMP was dropped. So they attack David, Sarah, and John. I think That they are doing their best to make what they can out of this family trip. I have a few questions concerning the book. How long total were they in Ireland. What was your inspiration for writing the book? Do you have plans for a 9th book. Thank you so much for reading this and if you could get back to me I would appreciate it greatly. Your book was so interesting and I am reading Going Gone now.
    Thanks a lot
    -Tyler Kruse

    • Hi Tyler, I’m so glad you enjoyed Free Falling. Honestly, I’m not sure how old you are but the reason I wrote the book is because at the time I had a son who was 11–same age as John in the book (in fact same name as John in the book!) and I thought he was too absorbed with electronics and I began to wonder what kind of life he’d have without all that. So voila, the apocalypse! 🙂 I’m glad you’re intrigued with the idea of going back to nature because I am too. That’s what makes the series so much fun to write. I’ve continued the story, as you probably know, and am releasing Book 9 next month. They’ve been post-apocalyptic about 8 years by this time and nearly the whole time in Ireland. Good luck on your book report and I hope it goes well. I also hope you join the fun for the rest of the series. Honestly I get some interesting ideas from my readers and some of them turn into plot points in the next book! Take care, Tyler–enjoy your cellphone and electricity while you have them! And thanks for writing me. Cheers, Susan

    • Hi, Tyler, Forgive me for not replying sooner. Your post was so detailed that I wanted to do it justice. I’m so glad you “get” that I was trying to creative a world where the normal conveniences were no use to us. I wanted to see how we’d all fare on our own and in fact I’m wanting to explore this theme even more. I have to say that the Irish End Games is probably coming to a close (as all things must!) but I’ll be creating another post-apocalyptic situation soon (this spring in fact) to fine-tune some of the changes and experiences (that I didn’t get to examine in IEG) I think we’d all have if such a terrible thing were to happen. My inspiration for writing the Irish End Games was my son who at the time was 9–the same age as John (and who in fact has the same name. I put the name “John” in the book initially as a place-holder because it helped me get the boy’s “voice” right. I just channeled my own son’s words and natural reactions and voila. But then I sent the manuscript to the editor and somehow changing the name to something else got skipped and so it just stuck.) But I wrote the first book, “Free Falling,” because at the time I was concerned that my son was too fascinated with electronics. I thought it seemed as if he were more interested in his Gameboy than a live action fireworks display and that worried me. (I have to say that today my own “John” is 22 years old and is a very keen outdoorsman and backpacker so my worries about him being more in tune with his electronics than with the world around him never came to pass.) But in any case I wrote “Free Falling” to imagine what would happen if a normal American family had all of their pleasures and conveniences stripped from them–how would they survive but also how would they enjoy life? I wanted to put the emphasis back on the deep pleasure of watching a sunrise or tasting a perfect cup of tea or soaking in a hot tub–all things that are very simple pleasures but perhaps get lost in our hubbub of Netflix blockbusters and iMax experiences where if something isn’t bigger than life it’s boring. Finally, I’m an equestrienne (or used to be) and the idea of using horses for more than just a pleasure hack but as something essential to getting around was very attractive to me. Horses are big and unpredictable and if you’re not used to being around them, they can be scary. Needing to overcome a natural fear of something necessary but that does NOT respond to a touch of a button but must instead be managed skillfully was also very interesting to me. I’m delighted you enjoyed the first book, Tyler. Book 9 will release on Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17) and Book 10, White Out–which at this point I’m thinking will be the last book in the series–will release in the fall. Thanks for writing, Tyler!

  19. I count myself lucky to have discovered irish End Games a few months ago. I was able to read all 9 books in the series in one fabulous gulp and loved all of them. I’m hanging out for book 10 in September Congratulations on a wonderful series .

    • So glad you’re enjoying the series, Jenny but it’ll be December until the next one comes out. On the positive side, the next book after that will release within weeks of Book 10. So there’s that! Thanks for writing

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