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My books range from cozies to edge-of-your-seat thrillers that I guarantee will have you flipping the pages and biting your nails at the same time. Choose from:

  Mysteries      Romantic Suspense    

Dystopian Thrillers        Nonfiction

But whichever genre is your special pleasure, MY PROMISE TO YOU is that every one of these books is a satisfying, exciting read you won’t be able to put down, with characters you’ll want to come back to time and time again.

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138 thoughts on “My Books

      • Omg I don’t know that I can wait that long. I read the first 6 books in less than 2 weeks. I’m hooked. I’m going to try reading reckless as soon as I can afford to do we unload it. I really think your books are great. Thank you for starting me reading again.

      • Hi, Vera–which title are you referring to? A new Irish End Game is releasing in a few days, March 16,2015, and a new Maggie is scheduled for the beginning of summer 2015. (The latest one, Murder in Nice, released last September 2014.

      • Oh goodness March 16 seems so far to wait for the new Irish End Games! I read the first seven books in the last two days and can’t wait for more!

      • Hi, Amber….oh it’s a lot further off than March 16, unfortunately! But check out the new Irish End Games Facebook group I put together. I’m going to hit this group first for any ideas for upcoming plot lines as well as make available chapters to see how you guys like them…and I’ll be giving away audio codes and free books too. Could be fun! Hope you join up…:-)

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  2. I absolutely love your Maggie Newberry Series. I typically read Cozy mysteries with a female sleuth. Not much into thrillers that focus on the actual violence but more into the solving the of crime like the mysteries of old. You have done this extremely well and I wanted to let you know. I have purchased all of your Maggie Newberry series of books from Amazon but had to come to your website to find the order of the books. I read on a kindle and unfortunately a lot of times Amazon just puts the date the book was converted to an E-book. Anyway thanks so much for your work and I look forward to reading your other books as soon as I am through with the M.N. series! (I am on #4)

    • Thank you so much, Debi! I really appreciate your kind words. I’m planning on writing two more “Maggie’s” this year. I’ve often wondered if I should put graphic numerals on the covers. Might still do it! Thanks again for writing. Really made my day!

      • ok, Susan, just finished Murder In Nice! Wow, can’t believe Maggie had to go thru all that to come to her senses. Temporarily, anyway, huh?!? I hate finishing any of your Maggie series! Feeling pretty lost right now. No pressure! But, what a base of characters you’ve created to make the possibilities endless!
        E. Texas

  3. So when will the 4th book in the Irish End Games series come out? I just read all three last week and loved them. I’ve signed up to receive emails from you. Will you be notifying fans when it’s out?


    • Hi, Tammy. #4 is “Blind Sided” and released March 2015. Since you’re signed up for the newsletter, you’ll definitely be the first to know when #8 and #9 release. Thanks for your kinds words of support. Glad you enjoyed the first three books of the Irish End Games! :-)

  4. Really enjoy the Ella and Rowan series. Please let me know when the fourth book in the series is published. Thanks!

  5. I have just finished reading book 3 in the Irish End Game series. I was gripped from the begining of book 1 right through to the last page of book 3. I just couldnt put them down till i had finished the story. You had me on the edge of my seat all the way glad we had a happy ending ,cant wait for book 4 in the series.
    These are the first of any of your books i have read Sue .when i recover from these i am going to explore some more of your books.

  6. I just finishedthe first book of the irish games trilogy and just went to buy the second, with my nook on barnes and noble…I was unable to find it looking under the title, the series name or your name. it was agreat read and look forward to continue. I only know how to purchase thru B&N. Do you know why I can’t find it and or can you advise me
    Thanks, have a nice day

    • Yes, hi, Richard. Glad you enjoyed Free Falling. I’ve had to remove Books 2 & 3 from B&N because of an important promotion coming up. My intention is that the removal is temporary and I debated long and hard about doing it. My first suggestion to you is to download the Kindle App for your tablet, smartphone or computer. That way you can buy the next books from Amazon and read them easily on any device. I don’t add DRM to any of my books so that they can move easily from device to device and in any ebook format (mobi or epub) in that way. Contact me at if the above way isn’t workable for you and I’ll give you my fail-proof #2 suggestion. Thanks for reading.

  7. I went to a Quilt Retreat. Started the Irish End Game Series. Couldn’t stop reading. The
    girls I was sewing with just didn’t understand. Wonderful books! Loved them. Can’t wait for the next.

  8. I stumbled across the first book of your Maggie Newberry series kind of by accident back in August. It was free and I had read everything by my “normal authors” and was waiting on new titles to be released. So, I thought…. what the heck! I was hooked almost immediately. I just finished Murder in Nice and can’t wait for number 6! (Numbers on the cover would be nice.) You are now in my “normal author” rotation! I will try some of your other series while I wait for number 6! Thanks for hours of good reading!

  9. I absolutely love Maggie and Laurant!!!!! Just spent the last week and weekend reading the first four novels. Many thanks for much entertainment! I’m having withdrawal pains!

    • Haha…thank you, Peggy! No need for withdrawal…there are 2 more books in the series (and 2 more coming in 2015). Thank you for your kind words!

  10. I enjoy the Maggie Newberry series, but I have to mention that the French sentences in the book are not always correct (even by the native French speakers in the book).

    • Hi, Elisabeth! Thanks for commenting. Yes, I’m having the French over-hauled in some of the earlier Maggie books and I have several French editors going forward to keep me out of trouble. Hope you keep reading! :-)

      • You are reacting so graciously on my comment…I was hesitant to write this on your website, but thought that if I were the writer I would like to know. I will definitely keep on reading!

  11. I read so many free books on my iPad’s kindle app that I honestly have trouble justifying money spent on more. The first book in many series provide temptation for the rest, but typically I pass the urge without much further ado. However, the Irish End Games could not be banished from thought! Just completed the trilogy and cannot wait until 4 is released… And did I misread in the previous entries above? 5? Bring them on!!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Lisa! Yes, 4 & 5 will release back-to-back in the new few weeks. Can’t wait to see what you think of them! Thanks again for reaching out.

    • Thank you so much, Lois! Book 4 will release everywhere February 18 with Book 5 hard on its heels a month later. I’ve had so much fun with this series, glad you are too. :-)

  12. I love your Irish End Games series. I noticed you have a book, How to Succeed as an Indie Author, which I would love to see available on kindle. Do you think there is a chance of that any time soon?

    • I unpublished the ebook version of that book because I just didn’t have time to update it and the ebook publishing world changes so fast! I’ll send you the .mobi file to your email address, tho, Dana, and just take it with a grain of salt! Haha. Thanks for your kind words about the Irish End Games.

  13. OMG I just finished reading the series of books “Free Falling, Going Gone and Heading Home”. I could not stop reading them. They were awesome and loved the suspense. Thank you for such a wonderful series. Can’t wait to read more of your books.

    • SO glad you enjoyed them, Cindy and thanks for writing! The next two books in the Irish End Game series are coming out within the next month. Hope you’re along for the ride!

    • Haha…well, I’m a Southerner so I tend to put my surroundings in my books–even if it’s time travel. Glad you enjoyed the book and thanks for writing and letting me know!

  14. I just love the Maggie Newberry series and all the characters.

    I have been to Paris and the South of France and love revisiting it through your books. Can’t wait for the next ones in the series. Thank you so much!

    • Oh I’m glad you’re enjoying them, Susan! One of the main reason I write them is b/c they let me virtually visit them in the process. :-) New one coming out late May or early June. I’m hoping for another one in the fall, too. Thanks for writing me!

  15. I really loved your book “free falling” I usually have a hard time getting into a book, but I couldn’t put it down. You kept me on the edge of my seat all through the book. Thank you. I will be reading more.

  16. I just finished book 5 of The Irish End series and have pre ordered book 6. Can’t get enough if this thrilling series. Thank you so much!

    • You’re welcome, Judy. So glad you’re enjoying them. I love writing them. There’ll be another releasing in August after “Cold Comfort.”

  17. Getting ready to start book 4 in the Irish End Game series! I have really enjoyed them all and look forward to more in the series!

  18. Love the series w Ella and Rowan. Just one complaint. In first book “Lievar su” is NOT Spanish for “bring her”. Glad I read on though.

    • Thanks for the edit, Terri! I’ll definitely make sure it gets included in the next edition. Glad also that it didn’t dissuade you from going on with the story! :-) Thanks for writing me.

  19. OMG!!! Just finished the 6 Maggie books and from the first one I was hooked. I could hardly believe that so much suspense could be created so quickly. You’re really good at what you’re doing and I’m very happy to know I have quite a few more of your books to read. Thanks for the entertainment!

    • Hi, Sharon…I’m so glad you’re liking the Maggie series! I’m putting together the plot-line for Book 7 right now and beginning to immerse myself in all-things-Maggie (and French!) Thanks for writing me…

  20. Hi Susan, thank you so much for the great series featuring Maggie Newberry-Dernier. Great armchair travel & absorbing from the beginning. I have read all 6 on my Kindle & look forward to the next :)) I will have a look at your other series too.

    • Hi Deb, sorry it took me so long to answer! Crazy summer so far. THANK you for your kind words re: the Maggie Newberry mystery. It’s my oldest series and in so many ways, the nearest to my heart. Glad you like it!

    • Hi, Nancy–yes #4 is Blind Sided, followed by #5 Rising Tides and then #6 Cold Comfort (just released 3 days ago.) They’re on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iBooks, and Smashwords. Hope you enjoy them!

  21. Just read all the Irish end game books in 3 days as I am recovering from an op. I see that the new book for this series was released in March. I can’t find it in the Kindle store

    • Hi, Suzanne, all six books are on Amazon. Look for them: Blind Sided, Rising Tides and Cold Comfort. Thanks for writing! :-) (BTW–hope you’re feeling better!)

      • I’m so excited! I found the first book as a free read on amazon and fell in love! I’m can’t wait to see where John ends up in his future and who his sole mate will be. 😊

  22. Thank you so much for the free book. I’m just starting it now. The first six books in the Irish End Games were so exciting I read them all within two weeks. Couldn’t put them down. I can’t wait for number 7. Hope it’s soon. Again, thank you.

  23. Susan,
    I happened to be working on my Kiernan family genealogy when I opened a bookbub email in my InBox. Of course, your name leapt off the screen at me, so I purchased and downloaded the first three book combo of The Irish End Games for my iBooks library. I thought it might be mildly entertaining, seeing as you may be a distant cousin. Oh boy, was I wrong! I started reading on Saturday and just finished book 3 this afternoon. I’m hooked, and you have a new fan!!! I can’t wait to read the others in the series, and have added you to my “read anything this author writes” list!

    • Hi Mary Lynn–Thanks for reaching out to me and I’m glad you’re enjoying the Irish End Games. My grandmother was Mary Ann Mears and came from County Sligho. My grandfather’s parents had emigrated to England (White Chapel) from Ireland a few years before my grandfather, Thomas Kiernan, came to the US on the Luisitania in 1915 (I think.) He and Mary Ann met on the boat! They found their way to Indianapolis, married, and had eight kids. He was a fireman in Indy. If any of this jives with your research, I’d love to know. Always great meeting new cousins! :-)

  24. When I find an amazing series of books that I can’t put down I always buy hard copies for my special collection of books. I tried finding your series “Irish End Games” with no luck.😭 Was the series published in hard copie?

  25. Hi, Susan- I’ve been reading your Newberry books and enjoying them a lot, but the French bits in them are vraiment exécrables. Really terrible. Just one example from one I recently read: “Comme bien?” (untranslatable; not really French) is given instead of what is meant, “Combien?” (How much?). I would be happy to vet the French for you before publication, as it pains me to see these charming books so unnecessarily marred.

    • Hi, Helen, thanks so much for writing. This has been a somewhat lengthy and v frustrating experience vis-a-vis the French in the books. My French is pretty mal and I’ve had most of them “vetted” by French speakers (I know, it’s hard to believe!) They’re all in the process of going through yet another run-thru for the French but I would be grateful and delighted too to send you the manuscript of the 7th Maggie book toward the end of the year if your offer is still good! :-)

      • The offer will still be good! Just e-mail me or contact me on Facebook (Helen Pringle Gibbs) when you’re ready to let me have a go. Looking forward to it! And to reading the next one. Just finished number 6!

  26. I am at Book 4 of the series and really enjoy them all. One question though about your French spelling. Are you getting help? I found quite a few spelling mistakes along the way! Ex.: comme with an “s” or prêt without a final “e” when the subject is feminine..etc. Since I am from France I do enjoy all the descriptions of this beautiful country (prejudice of course). I have been teaching French in the US for many years. Keep on your great writings.

    • Hi, Denise–Thank you for your note! Yes, I’ve gone a merry chase with all the French gaffes in these books. You’ll be surprised to learn I did have them all vetted by either a real live French person (and paid!) or a French teacher. Plus, I do get the email now and then from readers like yourself asking if they can help. I’m in the process–one more time!–of having all the books vetted again. I can imagine how distracting it is to get into the mood of the book only to be wrenched out of it with bad spelling and grammar! Thanks for hanging in there in spite of it, Denise. I promise book 7 will NOT have that problem!

      • Be sure to get someone professional to do your translations, not just a French person. It is important in writing such books as you do to see the correct spelling or grammar points. I was shocked myself to notice all those mistakes. I had a lot of experience with the French language graduating with my Ph D in
        this language and teaching at University level for many years. I am 91 years old and still teaching French to residents of the community where I live.

  27. Started with book #1 in the Maggie Newberry series. Have a Kindle app on my tablet and I read lots of things, mostly mysteries. Keep coming back to Maggie ,just finished #6. Am looking now for 7&8 and how I can afford them ,am 71years old and love to read. I can’t afford to travel . Do it in my recliner. Love your books, if the rest are as good as Maggie’s they’ll be on here soon.

    • Hi, Fran–So glad you’re enjoying the Maggie books! Book #7 isn’t due out until the end of the year (or possibly January depending on how hectic my December is.) I hope you stay in touch. I know what it feels like to be an “arm chair traveler” and when I’m not actually traveling, it’s better than nothing! Cheers and thanks for reaching out!

  28. Wow! I just finished Murder In Nice! Edge of chair story! I’m sad I have to wait until next year to read the next one but understand you are busy writing many books plus everything else. My only problem is I don’t understand French. It would be nice to have translations in Italics. Or no French at all??
    Thank you for the great stories!

    • Thanks, Judy! It’ll be ready the first week of January. I tend to use less and less French as I go along. I try to just use it for “atmosphere” meaning the words aren’t really that important. (I don’t tell vital information in French for example.) Glad you’re enjoying the books! Thanks for reaching out.

  29. I have just finished your book Reckless. I enjoyed reding it with all the twist and turns.
    Normaly it tkes me a while to read a book but I found it hard to put down and I can not wait to start reading the next book. I also think it would make a great movie.

  30. Been trying to find book 3 paper back of the mia kazmaroff suspense series…I loved the first two n amazon only has it as an ebook do too does book stores …

    Any idea where I can purchase it locally in Oregon

    Thank you

  31. Have got two copies of the first book in the Maggie Newberry series. One is called Murder on the Cote D’azur and the other is Murder in the South of France. But the beginnings seem to be different and the number of pages is also different in each book. Can you tell me if that is correct, and if so which is the correct book? Am really looking forward to reading the correct one!

    • Yes it definitely is different! Do you have these two in ebooks or print? Murder in the South of France is the rewritten, updated version. Hope that helps!

      • They are ebooks. I thought Murder in the South of France might be the right version, but thanks for clarifying it for me!

    • Hi, Erin–glad you’re loving them! “Murder in the Latin Quarter” releases first–Feb 2016. And “Murder in the Abbey” will publish 8 weeks after that. “Murder a la Mode” will release in May 2016. Glad to have “hooked” you! :-)

  32. I just read Reckless arms WOW! I read it in about 2 hours. It was an amazingly easy read. And I REALLY want to read Shameless ASAP. I love the twists and turns and I can usually figure out the killer WAY before its reveled, but this time I was completely caught off guard.

  33. I cannot find Heartless on iBooks except in the volume that contains all four books. I already have the first three books and do not want to buy a book that I have already read three quarts. Amazon has Heartless on Kindle, but I do not like their format. Can someone check why iBooks does no list this book?

  34. I just finished reading the 3rd book in the Rowan & Ella series, which I absolutely LOVED! I can’t wait for the 4th! Do you know when that book will be released? I will definitely be checking out your other series! God bless you and yours and have a very Merry Christmas!

  35. I bought Never Never and read it in a little over a day. It was excellent and I never saw the twist at the end coming. Can’t wait until the next book is published. You’re on my top ten author list now. You inspire me.

  36. I have enjoyed the Maggie Newberry Series and the The Irish End Games Series. They are addictive. Once I start reading I cannot stop. Will the Irish End Games ever be on Audible.
    My husband would even enjoy listening to the series.
    Thank you for allowing me to relax and enjoy your books.

    • Hi, Pamela–Glad you’re enjoying the series! Yes! Book 1 of the Irish End Games, Free Falling, should be available on Audible by the end of the month! Really excited about it too! Thanks for writing!

  37. Dear Susan, well you got me hooked completely with the Irish End Games Series. I have to explain that this is not my normal type of reading. I’m a disability pensioner with many serious medical conditions and I battle with a lot of pain, and I use books as escapism from the reality of life. For that reason, the sort of thing that usually appeals to me is the books far removed from the real life, such as sci-fi and fantasy. I’m a huge Star Trek fan so I often read those books, but somehow I came across your giveaway of Free Falling and it broke all my usual standards! Those poor people! And yet I found myself loving it and wanting more! In no time at all I have bought and read all the books and have just completed Never Never and they are all equally captivating and inspiring. You just have to love Sarah and her sheer tenacity and gumption. The female Macgyver indeed! Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful, believable world of characters in these books. It does make you think how we’d all survive without all our modern conveniences that we so take for granted. It also gives everyone a window into the soul of mankind. Simply brilliant writing. Can’t wait for book 8 and thanks so much!

    • John, Thank you so much for taking the time to write me today. I really appreciate your comments about the Irish End Games series. I’m anxious to get back to writing those storylines and will be creating a Facebook page in the meantime to keep everyone “in the loop.” I hope you’ll join that especially since the next books won’t be out until next fall. We need to keep each other going in the meantime! :-) Thanks again for your kind words.

    • Hi, Ashley. Glad you’re enjoying the series. Yes! Two new books in the Mia series are coming out this summer back to back. Thanks for your patience until then! Cheers, Susan

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