Murder in the Bistro

The Maggie Newberry Mystery #9–Murder in the Bistro–brings the action back to Provence when Maggie and Laurent are faced with a situation on their doorstep that soon involves a dead body!kitty ad book stack bistro (1)

Kitty Dickerson is a world-renown American chef with television shows and celebrity cookbooks under her wing to prove it. Like most overly-successful people, Kitty has the ego to fit. Kitty bursts onto the scene in St-Buvard and buys the hitherto-abandoned boulangerie in order to establish her own restaurant.

Things begin to go downhill pretty quickly from there. When Kitty is found dead (did you doubt it for a minute?) there appears to be no lack of likely suspects.

One thing is for sure: things are never calm for long with Maggie Newberry working the case. And with an innocent person’s life on the line, you can bet she’ll leave no stone unturned–and no risk untaken–in order to clear them.

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