Romantic Time Travel

This Romantic Suspense Series includes three time travel romantic suspense novels featuring Ella and Rowan Pierce. These books take you from modern day Atlanta to 1620 Heidelberg–and face to face with a ruthless warlord–to the gentility of 1920s Cairo during the most extraordinary archaeological find of all time and finally to the swashbuckling thrills of old Key West in the 1800s. Each book is a rollicking roller coaster ride of romance and adventure!

Book One, Swept Away shows how our two intrepid hero and heroine  meet–and along the way how they save a convent of nuns during a rampage in 1620  Heidelberg, Germany.

Book Two, Carried Away, takes the duo  out of their element once more by putting them in 1920’s Egypt. What happens in Egypt should stay in Egypt (and preferably dead and buried) but, of course, doesn’t.

The third installment, Stolen Away, continues our heroes’ adventure with a thrilling flourish in Key West where Ella and Rowan go in 1825 to recover a treasure they can’t lose.  The Rowan & Ella Time Travel Romantic Suspense series is definitely one to be enjoyed again and again–in any era!

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